MCAT flashcards

<p>I got these as a bday gift (its a sad sad day when your parents give MCAT study materials for your bday), there are the MCAT in a box from Kaplan. Are they worth using? I've gone through a few and it looks like you can use them to memorize basic vocabulary but i don't think they really go into concepts that much. Does anyone have any experience with them?</p>

<p>I used the ones that come with the course. I think they are good for memorizing key things like all of the formulas you need. It puts everything like that in one place. I would go through them once and discard any that you get entirely right. Keep the ones that you didn't get right and review them, then discard the ones you consistently get right again. You will whittle them down to a manageable number. Disclaimer: I'm a flashcard junky and study off of only flashcards even in medical school.</p>

<p>I have always maintained that flash cards are a waste of time and I hated the Kaplan flash cards. The only semi-exception I made was when I took organic chemistry; I wrote, on an index card, each new reaction I learned, detailing the compounds involved, reagents and conditions necessary, etc. I used these for the MCAT as well. But they weren't really flash cards, more like reference cards.</p>

<p>That said, flash cards seem to work for some people so if you're a flash card person, give 'em a shot.</p>