MCAT preparation in chronological order

Can some body post guidelines to prepare for MCAT from sophomore year along with college subjects in chronological order? For example:- . Suppose if the student studies Biology in freshmen year, it would be easier for the student to study MCAT questions related to Biology just after completing the exam . Second year students studies Chemsitry then, prepare chemistry related MCAT portion… etc… I m looking for guidelines in this line

Also, suggest, the reading material required for this preparation

  1. Don’t bother trying to study for the MCAT until you’ve finished all your pre-reqs. Each section contains questions drawn from several different courses. The Bio section covers not just intro biology, but also includes a rather substantial amount of questions in organic chemistry, biochemistry, genetics and biostatistics. The PS section covers topics from gen chem, physics, statistics.

Here’s AMCAS’s guide to what’s included in each subtest:

  1. Content review is only a small portion of the prep needed to score well on the MCAT. Reading, analytical thinking, critical analysis and data interpretation all play a large role in earning a strong MCAT score. Also learning the exam format (which doesn’t test factual recall, but rather tests your ability to quickly & accurately analyze, interpret and apply concepts & ideas from novel materials that are derived from topics covered in your pre-req classes) and learning the timing/pacing of the exam is critically important. The MCAT is 7.5 hours long with minimal breaks between sections. It’s long, grueling exam.

  2. MCAT prep is best done as a single intense period of preparation–usually over 4-8 weeks right before your scheduled test date.

  3. There are many test prep books, in-person and online courses, and video tutorials available to study for the MCAT. Kaplan, Princeton Review. ExamKrackers, Barron’s, Khan Academy, The Berkeley Review (TBR), NextStep, First Aid, plus others all offer prep materials. AMCAS itself also offers study materials (some free, some for a fee) for MCAT prep, including full length practice exams.

Different students have different preferences. Try several series/formats and see what works best for you.

Thanks for the AMCAS link.

Based on a video posted by a HMS student with 524(100%) in Mcat, he thinks biochemistry is vital important in Mcat testing.

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Any suggestion on selecting the an Tutoring/ Training from Kaplan / Princeton ? And the best package since we will be using over 2-3 years in our case?

Khan Academy has MCAT instructional videos on YouTube. Those are free.

You can purchase test prep practice books at Amazon, B&N and your local bookstore Different people like different series (and sometimes like different series for different academic topics). There’s no consensus about a “best” series.

Online resources–classes, individual tutoring, practice materials etc–from test prep companies usually only give you access for a limited time (a few months), not indefinitely.

Kaplan, PR offer in-person classes, usually multiple times per year in sites near college campuses.

AMCAS offers 3 full length online practice exams you can purchase. (One time use only. Practice exams include scoring.)