MCC (SCF) to stetson law?

<p>I plan on majoring in nursing at State College of Florida (formerly known as Manatee Community college). I was wondering if with that college, if there is any shot that I could possibly get into Stetson law school? Could one get into a law school by getting a BS from what was, and is still considered a community college, or is that just not a possiblity?</p>

<p>An accredited bachelor's degree would make you eligible to apply to Stetson's law school. Your major doesn't matter, nor does the fact that nursing is the only bachelor's degree the school offers. Admission will largely be a matter of your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score. That said, you might want to buy an LSAT book with practice tests and evaluate whether a BSN at SCF will prepare you adequately to score well on the exam.</p>

<p>yeah...i checked out one from the library, i figure if i major in Nursing and minor in something like English, or History, or Sociology i might be good....</p>

<p>but i don't really know :/</p>

<p>do the minors matter? I know it might help me be more prepared (though my AP Lang class was more difficult than what they have at SCF) but do law schools look at those too?</p>