McCombs School of Business @ UT Austin (IN-STATE)

What are my chances of getting into McCombs?

I am in the top 6-7%.

My SAT is a 2140 | Composite: 1510.
Math - 800
Reading - 710
Writing - 630

MY ACT is a 32, but I probably won’t submit it. Also, I got a 213 on the PSAT and have a 80 in the Math section. I’m not sure if it matters!

I will end my high school career with 16 AP classes. Oh, and I took AP Calculus AB as a Junior and will take BC as a Senior.

I have about 300 volunteer hours and have volunteered at DFW Airport for over a year now. I started in June 2014.

I was the secretary of National Honor Society for my Junior year (2014-2015).

I was the historian of HOSA for my Junior year (2014-2015).

I was a College Ambassador my Junior year (2014-2015).

I am in National Spanish Honor Society.

I got 1st place at State this year for HOSA in Public Service Announcement.

I got hired at Hard 8 BBQ as a part-time job for this summer / school year. I started in June 2015.

I guess that’s about it! Thanks. :-/

I’d say you have a decent shot at getting in. However, there is no guarantee with UT even if you are in the auto-admit percentile. Getting into the desired major is still very challenging. Present yourself in the best way possible, have confidence, and hope for the best. Don’t stress about it.

Man, I have no idea what I would do with my future if I didn’t get into McCombs. Really freaking out / stressing about it. Thanks for the reply Asutosh11.

bump ;(

I think your chances are good ! Send in letters of rec and a resume (they’re optional but will really help strengthen your app), and it might help to take SAT subject tests if you can. Does your PSAT qualify you as a national merit finalist/scholar ? If so, that would help your chances.
I’d also recommend applying to SMU (it’s a match for you, and their honors business program is great) and Rice (also has a great business program).
And if it makes you feel better, my rank isn’t nearly as good as yours, but I’m still giving McCombs a shot. So I definitely think you can do it. Good luck!

I think you have a great chance! Is your chance of getting into McCombs higher if you live in a border state to Texas compared to if you live in like New Jersey?