McCombs vs. Marshall

<p>Which is better in terms of prestige?
McCombs vs. Marshall
Overall School: UT Austin and USC</p>

<p>Intelligent students and atmosphere? Is not having a car at USC a big deal?</p>

<p>Is there that big of a difference in placement of california to pay $47k for USC than $20k for Texas?</p>

<p>Which one would you choose and why?</p>

<p>Overall USC>UTexas
However, BHP>USC</p>

<p>Placement is better at BHP. USC is highly overrated on these boards.</p>

<p>how is USC>Texas even if ur not in BHP it is still better than USC, i agree USC is overated, look at the rankings or other things, y do yall consider USC of such value. McCombs has been numb 1 in accounting for like 10 yrs in a row, numb 6 in finance. CHOOSE McCombs its cheaper and beter</p>

<p>BHP is top notch for sure, but Marshall is still good. USC Leventhal is ranked 4th i believe in accounting. and every bulge bracket recruits at USC. So the opportunitiies at USC are still good. if money isn't a factor, chose based on fit otherwise i would pick UT.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help. But just out of curiousity which school overall do you think is better and by what margin? I see the consensus is McCombs is better although Marshall is definitely really good when talking about business school.</p>

<p>What about the atmosphere? Which student body is better in terms of an intellectual but well balanced atmosphere?</p>

<p>Also, I am planning to apply for BHP next year, but am not sure I will get in.</p>

<p>Also would not having a car at USC be a big concern and not knowing anyone from out of state?</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>you can't live in la and not have a car. it isn't really possible. opps out of BHP will be much much better than opps out of USC.</p>

<p>USC places kids in good jobs in South Cali, UTexas places kids all around Texas. In my opinion, South Cali is much more desirable than Texas, and therefore, USC>Texas. However, if you get into BHP then Texas>USC obviously.</p>

<p>Like I said, USC is highly overrated on these boards.</p>

<p>how is it overrated? USC Marshall has a ton of networking and mentoring programs for its undergrads. For recruiting, all the bulge brackets, and all the top middle market banks recruit on campus. Although they are for mostly west coast positions. btw they are front office positions too not support</p>

<p>not having a car isn't a big deal at all. I have one and I barely use it. You'll make friends with people who do have cars so if you want to go out, you'll be going out with friends anyway. Also, if you have some personal things to take care of, USC has a new car-renting company on campus now called Flexcar. Basically you pay a yearly membership of like $40 a year and then you pay $7 or 8 an hour to rent a car. Flexcar has locations all over the city so you can just drop off the car when your done. They have 7 or 8 cars on campus now and you can even reserve them in advance.</p>

<p>The Trojan Network, from what I hear, is quite amazing. In contrast, I hear that Texas has weak networking.</p>

<p>A number of poster's have claimed that USC is overrated, yet none have provided any reasons why.</p>

<p>UT is fine if you plan to live and work in Texas, but lets be realistic... the only people who want to live and work in Texas are people who grew up in Texas. UT is just a huge state school, serving in-state students. USC actually has a national reputation, and pulls 50% of its student body from outside of CA. USC is much more selective than UT, and will provide you personal attention and smaller classes. At Texas, you'll be 1 of 37,000 undergrads, packed into large classrooms.</p>

<p>USC will provide you with endless connections in California, including both LA and San Francisco. At USC Marshall, you will have plenty of chances to secure internships in LA, whether you want to go into finance, real estate, marketing, or anything else. You won't have those opportunities in Austin.</p>

<p>BHP is infinitely better than Marshall. They aren't in the same league. Marshall is a very good second tier school (emphasis on second tier). That's it. </p>

<p>USC is a party school, it has excellent nightlife and a very good football team. People in LA are proud of their school because it's in LA, but lets face it, USC isn't even the best school in LA. UCLA is. USC is highly overrated on these boards, probably because most of the people who post about it go there and/or want to go there. Everyone makes it out to be a top-notch program on par with schools like Cornell, Stern, even Yale--and comparing USC to schools like those is like comparing a Ferrari to an Infiniti. Yes, the infiniti is nice, but lets be realistic here, USC is not that great. Like I said, its highly overrated on these boards. </p>

<p>USC is in a disgusting area of LA, and from what I here the UT campus is gorgeous. UT has excellent resources, it has the fourth biggest endowment in the US at $11.6 billion. The UT network is also excellent--and extensive. If you're asking about business (this is the business forum isn't it?) then BHP blows Marshall out of the water. Marshall doesn't even compare to a program of the caliber of BHP.</p>

<p>Ok BSD, you post wildly incorrect generalizations, so lets stick to some objective data (From BW and USNWR):</p>

<p>USC SAT Range 1270-1440
UT SAT Range 1110-1360</p>

<p>USC Acceptance Rate 25%
UT Acceptance Rate 51%</p>

<p>Marshall SAT average 1376
McCombs SAT average 1275</p>

<p>Marshall Median Base Salary 55k
McCombs Median Base Salary 48k</p>

<p>UT is nothing but got a second class state school with a serious over-crowding problem. It has no reputation outside of the southwest, and is nowhere near as selective as USC. The school admits any high schooler in Texas who can make it into the top 10% of his class, and is otherwise used as a backup for Texans who can't get into better schools on the east or west coasts. </p>

<p>USC, although located in a poor area LA, is none the less located in a major city that provides the school with enourmous resources. No one seems to fault Columbia or UPenn for being in bad areas of their respective cities. Austin is in no way comparable to Los Angeles, as Austin has no major business or industry.</p>

<p>UT is not known in anyway for having a significant alumni network. In fact, only 4% of business school alumni even care to give back to their alma mater. In contrast, 28% of Marshall alumni actively donate to their school. The Marshall network is extraordinary strong all over the west coast, and provides excellent connections for undergraduate students. </p>

<p>I don't think USC is comparable to schools like Yale (NYU and Cornell, yes), however you have an even more inflated view of UT.</p>

<p>If you are getting your education at USC that would explain why you aren't reading my posts correctly. I am talking about BHP compared to Marshall. And you certainly cannot compare schools like UPenn and Columbia to USC. Again, you are overrating USC. Marshall is absolutely not comparable to Stern, and USC as a whole is not comparable to Cornell. Ivy League > USC. You are entitled to your opinion, but giving a kid advice that would have him pick a second tier school over an Ivy or programs like BHP, McIntire, and Stern is irresponsible. </p>

<p>I can see your argument for USC and NYU as a whole, although I would still say that NYU is better (Stern > Marshall. Tisch >= USC school of cinematic arts, NYU CAS >= USC CAS) and I still think that you are inflating USC. I'm not saying its a bad school, its a very solid school, but it isn't in the same league as any Ivy or the strong east coast schools. Again, it isn't even the best school in LA. UCLA > USC. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but thats life.</p>

<p>I provided real factual information, and you provided your opinion (repeatedly). You're quite the debater.</p>

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<p>I did quite a bit of debating in HS actually, the only difference was that my opponents then usually did their reading before making arguments. They don't teach that at USC? haha I'm sorry thats a bit harsh, but seriously you should really read up on the rankings before you start challenging people and getting defensive about a second tier school.I'm sure you have an argument as to why the rankings or wrong or why Marshall is so good, but the truth is that your view of the school is overly inflated and whether you like it or not, it doesn't compare to the other schools being mentioned. maybe you should shoot the people over at businessweek an email about how they got it wrong and Marshall should be ranked closer to McIntire and then you can bicker with them.</p>


<p>I don't mean to get in the middle of the debate, but I did want to point out Texas' business school stats (much different from general UT).</p>

<p>McCombs Information
Average rank - Top 2.6%
Average SAT - 1302</p>

<p>Business Honors Information
Average Rank - Top 1.8%
Average SAT - 1460</p>

<p>Note: The top 10% rule does NOT apply towards the business school</p>

<p>Also, the salary difference can be accompanied by cost of living. Cost of living in california is much higher than Texas (double even?) (many grads probably stay in the same state) so the fact that Texas' average salary is only about 5,000 away is pretty impressive.</p>

<p>Again I appreciate your feedback, but just wanted to clarify a few things. Your points about atmosphere are valid in terms of a university as a whole since USC's stats are considerably higher, but when it comes to business its about the same if not Texas being the leader.</p>