Mccualy Honors program ?

<p>So I heard that the Mccualy Honors program gives you a full tuition to the CUNY of your choice and whole bunch of other benefits. This program really interests me and I have some questions about it. First of all, if you get selected and receive the full tuition, would you still receive financial aid from TAP and FAFSA ? About how many are interviewed and how many get selected ? and finally What is the criteria for selection ? Do they put emphasis on your SAT scores, or your community, or even on your Essays ? Please reply with any knowledge you have. Thanks you very much !!!</p>

<p>You should use the search function to look for threads that discuss Macaulay, and contact the students who were admitted this year. Here is a link to the program itself: Macaulay</a> Honors College -</p>

<p>I was admitted to Macaulay for the architecture program at City.
The Macaulay package is worth about $75k if I remember correctly. Because you're receiving full tuition and housing benefits (depends on the college), you don't get additional aid from FAFSA.
About 300 students from each year are honors students. This doesn't include the people who turned down the offer.
I'm abroad so I didn't have to do an interview. But those who did had them in January.
My SAT CR/math was 1270, which is well below the acceptance average. My unweighted GPA is 3.9 and I'm an IB diploma student. My extracurriculars and essays were probably the strongest part of my application.</p>

<p>I was admitted for next fall at hunter college, ultimately i rejected it, but yes you get free tuition, room and board (where it applies, hunter offered me 2 years free, not sure about the other schools) and access to an opportunities fund worth $7500. This $7500 can be used for study abroad (most of the time its for that) or other research opportunities. You also get a cultural passport granting you access to many of the museums and places in NYC. Finally you get a free laptop (Macbook). And any aid you get from FAFSA you KEEP, at least that is what they said at the accepted students day. However anything you get from TAP (NY state financial aid) goes to the school and you don't see that money. </p>

<p>Also i was accepted with a 1360 sat, 3.7 gpa, good recs and good extra curriculars</p>

<p>My younger D was admitted to Macaulay Brooklyn, and attended for her Freshman year.</p>

<p>The thing about Tap is that it can only be used for tuition. So they reduce your Macaulay benefit by the amount of Tap. We found that very annoying - it made Tap useless, but you were still required to apply for it.</p>

<p>She also applied for her subsidized Stafford Loans, which she used to help pay her rent on her apartment (we are an hour and a half outside the city and it was cheaper for her to get an apartment than to commute on the LIRR). She also was able to use her Pell for that expense.</p>

<p>You can view the admission stats here:
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<p>Also - she transferred so she had to return the laptop :(</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>