McDaniel College

<p>Nice little LAC in Maryland. One of the "Colleges that Change Lives". Why is it nowhere to be found on CC???</p>

<p>Hi Horus...a forum search is bringing up 8 threads on McDaniel College since April 2006. So, while there has been some discussion on the school it has not been enough to warrant the creation of a dedicated forum for that school. However, if this trend should change in the future and we do see ongoing discussion from various members we can certainly revisit this issue. Thanks!</p>

<p>McDaniel is one of THREE "Colleges That Change Lives" that are not listed on CC's "Alphabetical List of Colleges." The others are Emory and Henry College and Evergreen State College. CC even lists one "life changing" college with very little activity on CC (last post June 2007) that doesn't exist at present: Antioch College.</p>

<p>McDaniel, like Evergreen State and, to a lesser extent, Emory & Henry, gets mentioned fairly often on threads not headed "McDaniel College." Perhaps CC should consider deleting the Antioch forum and adding the only three functioning "Colleges That Change Lives" that are currently not listed? I think this is a case where if you build it they will come.</p>

<p>PS -- I am aware that Antioch will be reopening with an initial class of 25 students. My main point, however, still stands.</p>

<p>It does seem to me that if there were a listing for McDaniel, there would be more posts. Is it really that hard to "create a dedicated forum" for a college?</p>

<p>I'm planning on transferring there as a Cinema Major this fall. I got accepted to Emerson College, but they aren't providing housing, and off-campus housing in Boston is too expensive. Does anyone know how much the college has improved in the last few years? I've read a few threads about McDaniel from years ago, and it seems like they're food and transportation isn't too good.</p>