mcdonough 2016 chances

[ *] SAT: 1470 (760 M, 710 CR) sending my January 2012 SAT scores
[ *] SAT IIs: 740 Math II, 720 Bio M, 710 USH, 690 Lit
[ *] ACT: 32
[ *] AP: AP scholar with distinction; Calc BC 5, Psych 5, Lang 4, USH 4
[ *] GPA: 4.2881 weighted, super saturation of APs and honors
[ *] Rank: n/a
[ *] Senior schedule: symphonic orchestra honors, italian IV honors, ap microeconomics, calculus III/differential equations honors, ap lit, ap physics c (in retrospect, i picked an AWFUL senior schedule)</p>

[ *] Essays: good. i wrote on volunteering at a nursing home for 4 years and how i hope to use the lessons i've learned there on a global level. for the other, i wrote about my micro/macro classes, love for learning and helping people, and love of travel/hope to be a global citizen.
[ *] Teacher Recs: good. i did well in apush. i sucked at calc bc first semester then made a huge turnaround. my teachers probably focused more on my really big personality.
[ *] Counselor Rec: decent.
[ *] Extra rec: i have a very good relationship with a georgetown alum who does interviews for georgetown (she didn't interview me). she has watched me grow since freshman year and she wrote me a flattering recommendation to make up for my objective shortcomings.
[ *] Hook (if any): catholic?
[ *] Intended Major: finance/international business
[ *] Interview: it lasted 75 minutes and went really well. i brought a lot of my notes with me so i wouldn't forget a thing. i explained in detail why georgetown is my top choice over ivies and why i'm good for georgetown. i also asked a lot of questions that showed how much research i've done. he complimented me on my "eloquence and diction" and he thought i was funny.
[ *] Extracurriculars: 4 years of field hockey, FBLA, MUN, nursing home volunteering, CCD teaching, culture club, yearbook, and symphonic orchestra; 2 week exchange to England; model at abercrombie kids from november 2011 to august 2012; applying to be a host at maggianos as well; member of national honor society, science national honor society, mu alpha theta, and italian honor society
[ *] Optional photo: I attached a picture of me holding up a big sign i painted saying "HOYA SAXA" and a sign under me saying "class of 2016"</p>

[ *] State or Country: NJ
[ *] School Type: public, 700 in my grade
[ *] Ethnicity: filipino/spanish
[ *] Gender: female
[ *] major strength/weakness: asian from NJ</p>

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