McDonough vs. SFS

<p>Which is easier/harder to get in to? What is each respective college placing an emphasis on among their applicants? Which will I have an easier time getting a job in finance coming from?</p>

<p>Any GTown students/alums have some input for me? Much appreciated, can't make up my mind here!</p>

<p>McDonough is a Business School.Finance is a Business Discipline.... Just pointing out the obvious. Also, SFS is argued to be harder to get into but the difference is like 2-3% meaning a few dozen students give or take its not a big deal.</p>

<p>^ Right but I guess what I was trying to ask was whether SFS students also get recruited for jobs in the finance world or are those opportunities typically reserved for MSB students only?</p>

<p>I think you would be able to manage a finance track at the SFS. This should be helpful:</p>

<p>Senior</a> Survey Results</p>

<p>Great link, thank you.</p>

<p>While the difference of the acceptance rates between MSB and SFS are insignificant, according to the median SAT scores of applicants, the SFS applicant pool is slightly more impressive.</p>

<p>As for your other concern, if you're going into finance, go into MSB. Finance is the most common concentration in business and, if considered a major, is one of the most popular majors in Georgetown. If you want a bit of that international flavor in your business degree, you could supplement the finance concentration with and international business concentration.</p>

<p>Remember, you can't double major across schools.</p>