McGill '25 decisions

Has anyone heard back yet? App has said “Ready for Review” for several days now so I’m wondering if decisions have started coming out. (In the US, not sure if that matters.)


McGill admissions is rolling but those with the highest stats are admitted first, regardless of when the application was submitted. In normal years American applicants start receiving decisions around December 1st. But this is not a normal year.

Typically they will start from the top (4.0) and work their way down…and do this in waves. It is very different than the US but seems to work for McGill. Typically, most US applicants will be asked to upload the first semester grades. After that (late Jan. or so) decisions typically start moving faster. Good luck!

Do they ever admit in December with just first quarter grades? My daughter is applying to the Environmental Science program at MacDonald campus. The cut offs for that program are B average. If she is well above that, do you think she will still have to wait until next year for a decision?


Some years they do start in December. If I recall, last year it was a little delayed. The hard part for this year is McGill staff is mostly worked from home so I don’t know if that will slow things down. It’s just been such a tough year for universities - it is like they have to reinvent how they do everything.

FWIW: For the past four years I have been following McGill (my oldest is finishing up this Spring!), they minima have been pretty accurate. :slight_smile:

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International student here , applied on 14th Nov and submitted the latest grades on 1st Dec , it still says “Ready for review”. I’m so nervous and impatient.

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International student as well - applied on 11th Nov (not sure but approximately in mid-November).
McGill has rolling decisions, you can expect a decisions between mid-December and April/May depending on your academic achievements and your country (where you currently study).
Correct me if I am wrong but I think ‘good’ students receive their decisions by the end of January so don’t worry, you should have an answer soon!
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Yes, McGill admits from the top down regardless of when you submitted your application. If your stats are at or close to the published minimum you may not get a decision until April.

In years past the first round decisions for US applicants have come out on the Friday of this week but of course this is not a normal year so we can only wait. Not a great sign if everyone (including me) still sees “Ready for Review” but you never know.

I have a 3.89 and three APs. 5s on APUSH and microeconomics and 4 on macroeconomics. Do you think my stats are high enough to get a decision back by late January?

Is the 3.89 unweighted? If so then you should get a decision by then. Except if you are applying to Desautels. Their decisions come out later than for other programs.

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International applicant
Applied on 22nd October and submitted all documents by 24th November
Application says Ready For Review

Anyone heard back ?

No. I think they are closed for holiday now and it won’t be until January


Did anyone hear back yet?

Nothing yet. You?

not yet

Haven’t received an email, but just checked portal and my son was “Accepted Pending Final Results” (yay!) - however, I don’t see a link to an acceptance letter. Website says, “Please note that the official offer of admission is accessible via link to a PDF of a formal traditional letter bearing the McGill crest.” Anyone know if it just takes a little while for the letter to be available once the decision is posted?

Hello -

My daughter is applying from the Northeast in the U.S. I just called Service Point at McGill and they said that a decision wouldn’t be made until they received “first semester” grades. Our school has 4 quarters/2 semesters. First semester grades won’t come out until Feb. 2nd. First quarter grades were uploaded in early December. Has anyone else heard this? Any thoughts?


Do you mind giving your son’s stats?