McGill Acceptance Decisions Class 2024 (Entering 2020)

This page is for student applying to McGill University. Feel free to talk about Application Status’s and other important information.

If accepted please post your:

Where you are applying from (US High School, Canada, International etc.)
Citizenship status
GPA (UW or W)
SAT/Subject tests

Does anyone know when American high school students will start to hear? The website says mid December, but I have heard they can hear earlier…

Going off patterns from previous years, the best applications usually get admitted first, which is in the beginning of december- around the first or second week. The closer someone is to the minimum requirements, the later they hear of.

I received an email from Mcgill earlier this week thanking me for my application and patience and it stated that they only start reviewing applications in mid-December

@afor912 Are you Canadian, American or overseas? That makes a difference when applications are reviewed and decisions announced.

@TomSrOfBoston American high school

@afor912 I got that email too. I noticed previous years started getting some decisions by now though.

@minifuzz @afor912 Do they send an email to everyone who submits an application? I submitted my app a few days ago but haven’t received one.

@harlow618 I’m guessing yes but I submitted my application a few months back.

@harlow618 They should buy it depends on when you sent your application.

has anyone gotten a decision yet?

Is it possible for internationals to still apply?


The deadline for applications from US students is January 15th

This link has other deadlines

Anyone received an offer?

Hey, I’m still waiting on a decision as well. Not sure when they will start coming out. If you wanna chat to me about applying or find out when I receive a decision, you can add me on Snapchat :slight_smile: my sc is adil.shaydullin. I also kind of want to chat to some other applicants, because this is quite a stressful time :slight_smile:

Any idea of when they’ll start releasing US decisions?

In past cycles the first wave of US decisions would be out by now. This forum, and CC in general, has not been as active this year. Keep in mind though that only applicants with topmost stats are admitted in the first wave. Others will be asked to submit Fall term Grade 12 grades. If you are at or close to the minimum you may not hear until April 1st.

Anyone hear back yet? Watching all these acceptances come out for other schools has been killing me!

Still waiting. First wave should be around now.

Does Mcgill Consider Predicted Grades. I am an International student