McGill Acceptance for Ontario 2021 Seniors

Have any Ontario students received their offers from McGill yet? Their website says mid Feb to mid May. I’m applying for life sciences.

I’m still ready for review

Thanks for confirming. The min avg for the 2020 class was 95%. I’m at 93% without Calculus and Chem as I’m doing these in third and fourth quad. Where is your mark at? Did we kiss first wave of acceptance offers?

Hi! I’m not sure if the first wave of acceptances has come out for ontario applicants yet. I finished 4u english with a 90, 4u advance functions with a 99, and 4u physics with a 95. I’m currently in 4u biology, my 4u chemistry and 4u calculus is in quad 4. But I heard that Mcgill will be using 3u marks as a substitute for the 4u courses in quad 4. So if mcgill were to only look at my english, adv functions, and physics I will be at a 94.6%. But if Mcgill uses my 3u chem and 4u adv function as a substitute for my 4u chem and 4u calc, I will be at a 96%.

I think Mcgill could also wait for your quad 3 final marks to send you a decision or if your stats are competitive they could send you an decision before quad 3 ends.

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At least your marks, however McGill determines it, will be within the cut off mark they’re looking for. Yet, you’re still at the “under review” stage. Just not sure why it is taking them so long. And with the quad format, unfortunately applicants can’t provide McGill with all the marks from prerequisite courses to confidently determine if offer should be sent. I took a 4U course in first semester grade 11 and got a 96%. Assuming this mark will be included. If they looked at my 2nd semester 3U courses, it may be okay. But that was when COVID hit and things got rough. Good luck!

DD was accepted to Arts & Sci, notified this morning (March 3rd). Still waiting for Engineering, fingers crossed!!

do you mind sharing her stats? Was it the interfaculty arts and science or was is faculty of science and then faculty of arts?

Overall average ~97.4. Our school doesn’t offer AP or IB but she self studied and wrote AP Physics and achieved a level 5. Her acceptance was the interfaculty Physics (I think that is how she explained it). She’s a bright kid (& I am a proud mom). Fingers crossed she gets her Engineering acceptances (UofT/McGill/Waterloo) soon as that is where she really wants to be.

She got her MechEng offer!! :tada: