McGill admissions requirements

Hi! I am a rising senior in the US thinking about applying to McGill. I checked their website to find out more about the application process for American students and it seems that the requirements/usual cutoffs for a Bachelor of Art & Science are as follows:

  • An A- average in grades 10, 11, and 12
  • An A- in each English, precalculus, and 2/3 of physics, chemistry, and biology
  • Score of at least 700 on both sections of the SAT as well as 680 on 2 subject tests (test optional this year)
    I have an A average for grades 10 and 11 (and most likely 12). I’ḿ supposed to take the SAT in 2 weeks and from practice tests I assume my score will be above a 1400. I probably won’t take subject tests but depending on how much time I have I might take a couple (probably World History, Math 2, and maybe 1 other). I got an A- in sophomore English and an A+ in junior English and am taking AP Lang this year. I got an A+ in chemistry and an A in biology. My concern is that I got a B+ in precalc sophomore year which is below last years cutoff for acceptance. I took BC calc junior year and got another B+. Is it still worth applying even though I have a prerequisite grade below an A-? Also would a good score on the Math 2 subject test possibly compensate for this? Thanks!

The B+'s would move McGill from a safety to a match for you. On their application you can apply to two programs. Admission is evaluated separately for each program. What would be you major/majors? You could apply to the Arts faculty as your second program for which you meet all the minimum requirements.