McGill and AP Scores

I’m wondering if the McGill experts can weigh in on reporting AP scores on the application. Given that they’re test optional for 2021. Would you report AP scores in the 3s? I’m wondering if they use these scores in the evaluation process, just like grades, or if they only want to know you took the test and passed, like the UC schools do. Thanks!

I would not report a 3. McGill only gives advanced standing to 4s and 5s in certain circumstances.

From the above link:

AP exams already written, as well as AP exams you intend to write, must be declared on the McGill application.
Admitted students must make arrangements to have all AP results sent to Enrolment Services directly from the College Board. McGill’s institutional code with the College Board is 0935-00.”

Two questions related to APs for students who accepted offers of admission:

  1. Given McGill course registration is in early June (before this spring’s AP exams will be graded), should AP exam scores from junior and sophomore year be sent now, and then updates from senior year APs sent over the summer? Or do you just send once after they’re all graded in mid-summer? (And how would a student determine which courses to register for if they don’t have AP grades yet?)
  2. McGill says it will grant a max of 30 units of credit from AP exams. if you have more than 30 units worth of AP credit, do you get to decide which courses you want to apply the credit to? Or do you just get the 30 units, and can’t retake any of the courses for which you have taken AP exam (and scored 4 or 5).

Not familiar with AP details. However if you are granted AP credit for a particular course you cannot take the equivalent course for credit.