McGill Architecture Program

My son is a senior in U.S. considering applying to McGill for 2021 as an Architecture major. How competitive is this program to get into? Should he apply to any other Arts & Sciences program and then transfer?

Architecture is moderately competitive at McGill. Here are the requirements:

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

On the McGill application you can apply to two programs. Admission is evaluated separately for each program. Once admitted you cannot transfer until towards the end of first year.

Thank you so much for the info. Since they went test optional, I guess they will rely exclusively on grades. If he applies by late October, when is it realistic to expect a decision?

McGill has its own version of rolling admissions. For Americans decisions start to come out around 12/1 and continue until around 4/1. They admit from the top down. Applicants with the highest stats (and perhaps best portfolio) would be admitted first.

If he has taken the SAT/ACT and the scores are significantly above the minimum I would suggest submitting them.

He hasn’t been able to take the tests. He was scheduled in March, April, May, June and July and they were all cancelled. He is staying home for this semester, doing online classes so we will have to do the college admission process remotely. We are in Miami, the epicenter of the pandemic, so the test situation is really up in the air. Do you think it’s worth trying to take the exam or just apply with grades? His grades are really good for the entire junior year, straight As, his sophomore he has some Bs. but he has As in Pre-Calc and Physics. So hoping that’s enough. He is currently working on his portfolio. It’s just very scary to submit an application with nothing but grades.

Unless things radically improve by the fall (doubtful) don’t worry about the tests.

Thank you so much. I’m so happy I found this forum. My son’s first choice is McGill. We attended a virtual info session and tour and fell in love with the school. He was really leaning into applying ED to NYU but after the info session with McGill, he changed his mind. He attends boarding school in New Jersey and wanted to stay in the North East but we have some friends who mentioned McGill and I’m glad they did. Hoping for the best!