McGill Bureaucracy

<p>I was browsing through new posts on CC and came across this post in the University of Pennsylvania threads:</p>

All I know is that the Penn bureaucracy is overwhelmingly fragmented, slow, and oftentimes unfair. You have to go through a lot of work and due diligence to get things done.


<p>McGill's bureaucracy is often a source of complaints from students. Every large organization has a bueaucracy that you need to maneuver though. Get used to it! It is part of life. BTW, it won't get any less bureaucratic once you start your careers.</p>

<p>[Citation Needed]</p>

<p>Actually, as far as anecdotal evidence goes I found McGill to be much more accommodating than another Montreal-area university which shall remain nameless.</p>

<p>Even when I did stupid stuff like dropping a course only to show up in tears to re-register it the next day (after the add/drop deadline) it all went very smoothly and fast. Same could be said about their internship office.</p>

<p>As usual, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary).</p>