McGill campus feel?

<p>I'm pretending that I could visit Mcgill, so I was wondering if anyone could describe Mcgill's campus feel for them.
I've heard that only 10% of students live on campus. Is there any sort of campus community then? For example, is there much life on campus or do most people concentrate off-campus?
As always, any information...</p>

<p>i took some pictures up there recently...I'll put them on my webshots as soon as I can.</p>

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<p>thanks a lot. they look really nice. can you tell me at all about the people you met while you were there, etc.?</p>

<p>great pics..
i would like also like to know more about 10% ppl being on campus.. thats a very low figure..</p>

<p>Its so low because its mainly frosh who live on campus... McGill actually offers off-campus housing advisement and helps students find good leases, which I've been told can end up being cheaper than living on campus. Many students rent apartments in the area between New Rez and the main campus, known as the McGill Ghetto. So while technically off campus, they are closer than the students who live "on-campus" in New Rez. It just means that McGill doesn't own the buildings. When I've visited, the whole area has been absolutely crawling with McGill students, who were very easily spotted by all the McGill paraphernalia they had. I took this as a good sign, and promptly purchased tons of it myself at the bookstore. And may I say, they have some awesome clothes, and not crazily expensive either.</p>

<p>Also, the last time I visited, it was exam week and everyone was stressed and studying, but everyone was still incredibly nice and friendly... One girl let an entire tour of people come into her room and poke around while she was studying, and the advisors could not have been nicer.</p>

<p>well thats a good thing definitely..</p>

<p>i would love to go n have a tour, but its too far:(</p>

<p>when i visited mcgill i fell in love with its campus- it has its share of ugly buildings- but so does any campus. (50s-70's architecture man, its pretty ugly!)
The low on-campus living number is because most kids choose to live off campus- first years mostly live on campus. The Rez life is awesome, its where you find your niche, and then you move off into apartments- which are CHEAP and amazingly beautiful, for the most part! Seriously, I have an apartment right next to the Ritz Carlton- for 400$ a month (nice, nice nice!)
The McGill area is crawling with students, the Ghetto (which is in between St. Laurent and McGill campus) is basically all students, and you'll never feel like its not part of campus, cause when you walk on the streets all you see are students!</p>