mcgill further review!

<p>im a canadian citizen studying overseas in the british system. i have 7 As in my o levels an 2 in my as levels and a 2110 in my sat. my mcgill status website now says further review required and asks for my upper form 6/7 results. from what ive gathered, these are my mid term grades, which were horrible! it was not because of senioritis or anything, but my school had all 5 of our mid terms in the course of one week and so there were no gaps between each exam, which really messed me up and i even got a little sick due to lack of sleep. i am applying for electrical engineering but i got an F in both math and physics in my mid terms. is there any chance i can still get in? or is there nothing i can do now? please help this is urgent!</p>

<p>Ouch. I'll be blunt - F's in math and science are NEVER good, even if you were applying for a humanities major in the first place. What does it show on your transcript? If there is really an F there, you need to have a very, very good explanation. "Having all 5 midterms in one week" is not a good enough explanation for McGill, because that's also the way college midterms work (it was like that for me in high school too, and occasionally I'd even have 2 exams on the same day).</p>