McGill Mechanical Eng BEng Applicants


<p>if any of you guys applied for the BEng in Mechanical Engineering degree post up here and let us know who got in and whose still waiting. </p>


<p>Kanchuka, I really don't mean to sound obnoxious, but this needs to stop. There is already a results thread for McGill. Another poster on it got accepted to BEng; you should check his stats out. While I understand that this is very stressful, asking questions that have already been answered in other threads (or on McGill's own website) is not a productive way to pass the time. Go out and exercise, watch a movie, go see something fun/interesting... just stay involved, and you'll likely hear from McGill at the moment when you're least expecting to hear from them. ;) (That's what happened to me, anyway.) Best wishes! Once again, coming across as snooty or rude is the least of my intentions. I just want you to understand that it isn't worthwhile posting questions when you can find their answers in other threads.</p>

<p>Haha chillax. I apologize for my ignorance. Didn't really see a thread specific to engineering but you have a point. Thing is I'm relatively new here so yeah thats my story. Anyways you can delete this right away ms.snappy ! haha only jking :P</p>