McGill merit aid, music aid?

Has anyone had experience with the amount of merit aid that McGill tends to award to international students? Both for academic, and for instrumental performance majors.

The McGill admissions website has some info about merit scholarships:

Hope that helps!

Note that the GPA for renewal of merit aid is high: 3.5 for first year, 3.7 for later years. Music merit may have different criteria.
“This year McGill University introduced a new level of renewal criteria applicable only for students completing their first year of studies in 2018-19, as either a U0 or U1, but not for students in Pre-Med, Pre-Dent or Law. For the first year of study, a probationary sessional GPA of 3.50 on a minimum of 27 McGill graded credits will be required.
Please note that you must still achieve a minimum sessional GPA of 3.70 on at least 27 graded credits in your second year of studies and all subsequent years thereafter to qualify for entrance scholarship renewal”

Sounds like a lot of pressure.

Don’t go to McGill if you aren’t ready for pressure.