McGill or Brown? (for lack of a McGill discussion)

<p>The Princeton Review says that a lot of people who apply to McGill also apply to Boston, so I figured that, since there isn't a McGill discussion, I'd ask peoples' opinions here.
I'm trying to decide between McGill and Brown. I'm attracted by what I've heard (I've heard from McGill from about 2 people) about McGill's diversity, awesome city, and price. But I'm attracted by the grad school opportunities if I go to Brown. Brown also has a really cool social atmosphere and gives a lot more personalized attention.
Can anyone give me any feedback, anything, about McGill or Brown?</p>

<p>there is a mcgill discussion which is why i am really confused right now.</p>

<p>SO sorry about that. I don't know this site too well. But thanks for the tip.</p>

<p>This might not be a bad idea. Many kids on the McGill and Brown forums will be biased towards their respective schools, so you might as well post here.</p>

<p>By the way, I'm trying to decide between McGill and BC, and I'm most likely choosing BC because from what I've heard McGill is extremely hard and med schools don't cut McGill kids any slack just because of that. BC may be a bit worse academically or in reputation, but my chances of getting accepted to med schools will be much higher. Does this sound reasonable? It's a shame because Montreal kicks ass.</p>

<p>Hmmm...If you got into McGill, you can probably cut it despite the grade deflation. And (because you love Montreal), McGill's medical school will cut its undergrads the slack they deserve, and then you could stay in Montreal for some more years. Doesn't McGill have one of the best grad schools for med?</p>

<p>Yes, McGill is apparently an awesome med school. I'd rather keep my options open, though; baking my hopes on one school (that's really selective, by the way) doesn't seem too wise.</p>