McGill or Umass Commonwealth?

<p>So I after being on a waitlist for a while, I finally got into McGill. While I was waiting, I already put my deposit down on Umass Amherst. I was admitted into the Commonwealth Honors College for my first choice major, Computer Science. I know the school has a strong computer science program, and the financial package I received is super helpful. McGill was initially my top choice, but Amherst, especially the Commonwealth college, has grown on me a great deal. Any advice on my decision? Also how do the financial aid packages and the compsci programs compare?</p>

<p>Go with McGill if you can afford it. Much better school. Amherst is a good option if it is free and much cheaper. Otherwise, McGill all the way. No contest.</p>

<p>UMass Amherst is good for CS and the Commonwealth College is an excellent option. McGill is more prestigious and overall better than the general UMass academically, but the Honors College offers excellent learning conditions and McGill’s environment’s not as easy-going and personalized (understatement). Which is cheapest? That may break the tie. :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice guys! You were right, MYOS, the money is what broke the tie. I went with Amherst. McGill’s financial aid, since I would be an international student, is heavily loan based, and their main system of aid for my case that wouldn’t require me paying anything back could provide up to $15000 at the most. Additionally, the housing would be $10000 a year. And, what you said about McGill’s environment was definitely a reason I hadn’t been 100% sold on McGill</p>

<p>Thanks for the update! Very interesting and useful, especially for other internationals who’ll be contemplating similar choices.</p>