McGill, Queens, Univ of Toronto, UBC

<p>Does anybody have experiences with these schools?
The schools seem like good values for US citizens.
Is it harder to get into a good grad program in the US from these schools?
Is it harder to get a job?</p>

<p>dstark, my D3 is applying to some Canadian schools. We lived for several years in Canada and loved it (and would love to return in light of the election results! ;)) We've visited all of the schools you've mentioned. U of T is my D's first choice but they are all excellent schools. We know many kids who have attended Canadian colleges and then gone on to grad school/jobs in the U.S. with no difficulty.</p>


<p>Several excellent students from our school are attending McGill. The parent of one student told me that her child was asked, as were other American students, to take a writing class prior to beginning real classes, as it was considered that American schools do not instill strong enough writing skills in their students (I agree). Toronto and McGill are considered the best but UBC, Queens and York are also excellent. Waterloo has a first-rate math department.Erik Demaine the 23-year old MIT prof did his undergraduate degree there. While there is a policy of giving preference to Canadians when hiring, many of the faculty in these universities have gone to the same universities as faculty at top American universities; students are admitted on the same basis as American students into good grad programs.</p>

<p>Marite and alwaysmom, sounds good.
I like Montreal and Vancouver. I haven't been to Toronto.
After this election, if I said yes to my wife, we would be new residents of Canada.
My wife would move right now.
With all the international students, McGill might be a great experience.</p>

<p>Ihave been reading this board for a long time but the question got me to register. So many American's think that Canadian universities are a bargain, but the truth is that everyone here who can afford it goes to American Universities. Don't think these schools are international, they are just Canadian with a few Americans and a few from Asia. The system to get in here is numbers only unlike what American schools do to get well rounded people. We are like the British, you need to focus on a trade early. Most of our schools don't have pretty dorms or dining halls. People have to cook for themselves. There is a reason it only cost Canadian twenty thousand! Also, McGill and Toronto are the best known, but it's not true they are the best. Waterloo is best for engineering and science and Queens is probably the most respected for pre law and business. None of these schools does well outside Canada though. At good schools here we are all really hoping for American schools.</p>

<p>canuckeh, thanks for your response.</p>