McGill U application documents

So I’m trying to complete the McGill application as a US high school student and it slightly did the application on a whim, so I didn’t look into it too deeply. Point is, it says I need to upload documents, specifically to “confirm to exclude ACT/SAT”, but I don’t intend to do so and already input those test scores. It says “Items outstanding: see Checklist below” and requires the document I mentioned. I’m incredibly confused and can’t find instructions for this anywhere. Thanks for the help already! :slight_smile:

Recheck your application. Was there a question asking if you want SAT/ACT scores to be considered? Did you check yes or no?

Or is it the form itself that asks if you want to have scores considered?

did you try clicking on the form? It is the same for my daughter and we have not tried. She definitely indicated having test scores submitted and they acknowledge receipt but has the same thing on her application.

So, I just tried clicking on it to see… They are looking for something to be uploaded. Doesn’t make sense for those NOT excluding the scores! Not sure what to do.

Do you have the form/ What does it ask?

Call ServicePoint.

Exactly this! It asks about a form but does not have one nor does it tell you where to find it! I’m thoroughly confused.

I’ll probably just end up doing this, just thought I’d see if anyone knew the answer first.

Maybe it is only required if you do NOT want scores to be considered. If you want your scores considered than there is no need to upload the exclusion form.

That would be the thinking. I’ll have to see after my daughter uploads her grades if it still says application incomplete!

Call Service Point at McGill. They are incredibly kind and helpful with applications. Keep in mind that people are working from home so you may end up leaving a message. Good luck with the app!

Here are the instructions. It is a confusing site. My daughter is excluding scores so we uploaded the form. (Can’t remember where it was on the site, but It’s there.) Self-reporting for high schools in the U.S.A. and Submit documents and keep in touch | Undergraduate Admissions - McGill University
We called Service Point and they helped us immensely.

My daughter has the same item on her checklist and I do think it’s optional nor required. You can upload the form by today if you want to exclude scores and applied before 11/20, or within 10 days of applying after 11/20. I’ll be interested to see if it still appears in her checklist after today. I looked at the form and it really only is applicable if you’re excluding scores.

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My daughter’s application went to “ready for review” after uploading the grades. The “confirm to exclude” issue (since she is submitting scores) just went away :slight_smile:

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