McGill University '25 (entering fall '21) for US students - thoughts? doubts? stats? results?

Update. Just heard back from service point and was only told that decisions could go out anytime from now until June. (I thought it was May at the latest though??) Not what I was hoping for, but at least they got back to me quickly!

Under Quebec law undergraduate enrolment must be at least 50% Quebec residents. That is the only such enrolment constraint.

I suspect that for some the delay may be applicants from high schools that the McGill adcoms are not familiar with. Lacking the SAT/ACT common standard they may be taking time to evaluate the high school.


Finally an update after months and months of waiting. Reviewed decision pending for biomedical sciences. I had a 4.0 UW and around 4.5 weighted with 8 APs. How long does it usually take to hear back for reviewed-decision pending?

Thank you. I should have added that we are a small (around 200 students per class) public district consistently ranked within the top 10 or 20 in NJ (depending on year and publication), and although most of our top 25% students tend to enroll @ Ivy or small liberal arts schools in PA, NY or New England, McGill isn’t completely off their radar. One of my son’s friends was accepted @ McGill in January (engineering/science) and he believes she also has lower stats than him. We all just have to accept that this year is a little different, and McGill seems to be no exception.

There is a variance by faculty as well. My son was accepted to one in January and still pending on another that is one of the most competitive ones.

yes they are very easy to contact. just got the CAQ letter and applied 3/11. We had start date of 9/1/21-5/1/25 and the added a month on each end.

A head’s up to all US students. I just spoke with friends who live in Montreal. The vaccine roll out is VERY slow in Canada & there are still curfews in the province of Quebec. The neighboring province of Ontario where my family all live, just entered another 1 month lockdown that started yesterday.

Kids going to Canadian universities are likely going to have a very different fall this year than students going to US ones where the vaccine roll out is much further ahead.

Additionally, you will need to plan accordingly as there are still very tight restrictions about entering Canada. There is a 2-week mandatory quarantine in place that requires a quarantine plan to be presented to officials. As things currently stand being vaccinated does NOT preclude anyone from these requirements. You are currently required to provide a negative test to enter, as well as test at your land or air port of entry. You are required to test again at day 10. If you fly into Canada you must stay at a quarantine hotel for the first 3 days after arriving.

I am desperately hoping this all changes as Canada’s vaccine roll out continues but there remains a huge amount of uncertainty. At the rate things are going a return to normal for university students at Canadian schools is not likely.

Thanks for the info! We haven’t heard anything from McGill yet so my daughter will be going to a school in the US.

It is notable that the number of new cases in Quebec and Ontario are significantly lower than in most US states. These states are loosening or eliminating restrictions while the provinces are tightening restrictions. Different country, different approach.

The fall semester is four and a half months out. No one knows what conditions will be in either country by then.


Really I am not happy to hear this , my son is at queens and returning home in one week to do finals at home because restrictions are so tight. I don’t understand how they are so slow on the vaccine roll out. But realize they don’t have any manufactures there so rely on others for their supply. Let’s hope they get it together- financially they have to be losing a lot at the schools not being open. Really hoping can get the border open by July 4!

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Thank you for this. McGill is my son’s top choice. However, he wanted to travel to see the campus before committing. Unfortunately even as a dual citizen we just found out this is going to be impossible. The current entry restrictions have been extended until April 21st I believe. Hopefully they relax them after that or we will likely be reconsidering.

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I agree it is a long way off. However, after reading multiple comments on multiple sites, I realize that many US parents & students are not aware of how different the situation is in Canada right now. Living in the US with all my family living in Canadian gives me a great perspective of just how different approaches to the pandemic are. Two of my friends are Provosts at major Canadian universities and and the truth is no one knows what things will be like this fall. There are many scenarios being examined.
I think it is important to know that in planning to take your kids to school in Canada that you may need to account for it to be a potentially multi-week process. Fingers crossed that the border opens by then & things will be very different by August. However, better to be prepared and have a plan in place than be unpleasantly surprised.

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That really sucks your son has to come

There are so many global trade restrictions right now that importing the vaccines is sadly a more daunting prospect than it would normally be. I am hoping we see a quick turnaround in the situation in Canada. I would like my daughter’s freshman year at university to be as close to normal as possible. I would also like to see my family again.

He is choosing to come home for finals because he said all the kids are leaving Kingston when class is finished. Originally kinsgton had a lockdown until the 30th and the rest of Ontario seemed open so I think that’s why the kids were heading home- but now it’s the whole province.

Legault (Quebec PM) said everyone will be vaccinated by June 24. There has been a supply issue in Canada - a result of not having manufacturing in the country.

The restrictions have been tough. It had been an 8 PM curfew which last month was changed to 9:30. The real challenge has been the curfew plus the restrictions plus cold weather. Now that Spring has finally sprung, my kids (both in Montreal) are feeling better about things.

Concordia (8 blocks away from McGill) has told international students to come to Montreal for the Fall. McGill has essentially said the same thing. What both have said is they will have as many classes in person as public health allows.


Yes, Quebec is hoping to get everyone in the province their first vaccine before Canada Day, as long as they do not run into any further manufacturing issues. I am incredibly hopeful that things will see a slow return to normal after that, but again caution those entering Canada from abroad to be prepared for mandatory quarantines. No need to panic but best to be prepared. Entry restrictions might still prove difficult as other provinces that are not as large as Ontario and Quebec are well behind in the vaccine rollout.
Like all of us, I want my daughter’s first year at university to be amazing and for her to have as close to normal experience as possible.

I have not been able to see my father, sister, brother, nieces or nephews in Canada for over a year and a half. I cannot wait until I can cross the border without quarantining for 2 weeks!

Let’s hope that the borders will be fully open come August when our kids head off to school. I remain optimistic.

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hello all! sorry if this has already been addressed, but when will the housing portal become available?

I called and was told the week of April 13th

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Some parents here (upstate NY) have been successful in driving their kids to Montreal as long as they commit (under penalty of huge fines) not to leave the car and basically just drop the kid off. This is subject to the whim of the border agent, however. My son has has been driving himself. The lockdown and curfew has been miserable and he and his friends are all depressed and demoralized.

I remain optimistic. In Los Angeles where I live, three months ago emergency rooms had no capacity, oxygen supply in hospitals was running low, only a handful had been vaccinated and LA had the highest Covid case rate in the U.S… Now, LA has the lowest Covid positivity rate in the U.S. and a third of residents are at least partially vaccinated. My point is - alot can happen in three months. It’s hard to believe things won’t look a lot different in Canada by July.
That said, the thought of not being able to see my kid off to school is devastating!