McGill University '25 (entering fall '21) for US students - thoughts? doubts? stats? results?

I get it. My son graduates virtually in May/June. We will be in the US - he will be in Canada. (He starts a full time job in Montreal shortly as soon as his work permit comes through.)

For first years, if I had to pick from everything (parent drop offs, etc.) I would want them to have as normal of a Frosh as possible. Frosh is, as my kids described it, “the most fun week of my life”. McGill does a really nice job helping the kids build community and helping them get settled in. The current first years didn’t get Frosh and then have had a tough year of lockdowns and rules. My hope is that McGill is thinking about this cohort of kids and how to give the a Frosh lite or something.

What is the deposit amount I have to pay when I accept McGill’s offer? Fall 2021 (first term) fees is due by August, right?

2) Pay the $400 (non-refundable) deposit by credit card (amount of the deposit may vary depending on your program).

Thanks Mr.Tom. Seriously confused whether to select Desautels Bcom or BSC Economics from Warwick, UK. Warwick is known for its Economics degree and well reputed in the UK (after oxbridge and LSE). Fees is almost the same, degree duration is the same. I don’t have to do Year 0 at Desautels since I have advanced credits. Montreal is a great city than Coventry in the UK. I am very confused. All suggestions welcome.

I’d start with what you think you want to do post grad and see which gets you there. From a pure place to be, etc. Montreal has Coventry beat hands down (if you are a city person). McGill is literally in the middle of Montreal with the business district abutting campus. Lots of part time work and internship opportunities. Good luck!


Any insight on how housing will work for those still pending review? My D was recently asked to submit her predicted IB scores and is still waiting. Will there be much left in terms of housing options if she doesn’t hear for another month?

From what I read on the website yesterday, although housing opens up this week for accepted students to list their choices, it will be a lottery starting in July. Those who have received any kind of scholarship will be guaranteed one of top 2 choices.

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For those of you whose kids are going to McGill - be sure to join two Facebook Groups: McGill International Parents (this is the “official” group) and McGill Parents (run by parents). I’ve been on since my son decided on McGill in 2017 and it has been a wealth of knowledge. My son turns in his last final in 3 weeks and graduates virtually in early June. :slight_smile: I’m sticking around the parent pages for a bit.

Something to keep in mind: this has been a tough year for first years - limited dorms and cafeterias, Zoom U, etc. Some of the first year parents are angry - they feel that McGill should have just opened…ignoring that McGill has to follow Quebec health directives. Others felt McGill should never have allowed kids to gather at all. I don’t say that to judge anyone. But the experiences for this year’s incoming students will be vastly different than those that came in during the early part of the pandemic.

Again, I would end by saying that as a parent I am thrilled my son chose McGill. The rigor is real - and with that has come this enormous growth in his critical thinking skills. And McGill expects kids to step up and adult - and it’s been a real pleasure watching that happen.


Very few colleges in the US are fully open, except maybe some southern schools. In Boston, BU and Northeastern are “open” but it is far from normal. About 50% of students are in Boston, either on campus or in off campus apartments. The rest are zooming remotely. Many classes are zoom only so you may have students in a classroom but the instructor is zooming from home.

Just got our rejection letter👍🏾

Completely agree. People have been complaining about graduation and one (Concord-based) mom said “well at Dartmouth they hare having it and everything is normal”. Um…literally 1/10 the number of graduates in the middle of nowhere and parents aren’t allowed. President. Speaker. Socially distanced kids. Sigh. Am I disappointed my son doesn’t “walk”? Yes. Is it the end of the world? No.

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Hello! I’ve been lurking on this thread for a while, and you all have been so helpful throughout this process. I applied to McGill as soon as the application opened in October, and then submitted grades in late December. On March 17th, my status changed from “ready to review” to “further review required”, and the checklist asked me to submit mid-year grades. I did that as soon as they asked, but my status is still “further review required”. Does anyone have any idea when I’ll get a decision? I feel like it’s been so long, and my checklist is complete. Thanks!

Not feeling optimistic thus morning

No idea! But I can commiserate with you. Same situation for my daughter- she had to submit predicted IB scores in March. They are in, but her status is still further review required. Hope you won’t have much longer to wait. Are you deciding between Canadian and American schools? Really hope there is news before may 1.

Hi there! I was in the same boat since January and I finally got reviewed decision pending the first week of April or last week of March and then got in this Thursday so it will come soon! My counselor says that the most competitive programs will mostly come out the week before may 1st.

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That is very concerning. Has your daughter decided on McGill or is she still contemplating a US school as well?

She committed to McGill. I guess she technically hasn’t said no to her US options but she really wants McGill. How about you?

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I hope you & your daughter hear back soon with good news!! McGill is my top choice, but I also have US schools to choose from if it doesn’t work out. I wish they could tell us sooner before deposits are due…the Canadian system seems much different than the American universities

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Congrats on your acceptance!! Thanks so much for that info. Which faculty did you apply for? I did arts and arts&science so hopefully those come out before or during the week before may 1st

I got into the faculty of science for biomedical!