McGill University '25 (entering fall '21) for US students - thoughts? doubts? stats? results?

For us it’s either McGill or one of his UC options. I think McGill is the best school academically but he is a bit hesitant about leaving home. He really wants to visit the McGill campus, which doesn’t seem possible at the moment.

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My daughter is a US student, still waiting for a decision from Desautels. Her app status is “further review required”. She was told by servicepoint that it’s possible that they will release decisions as late as mid-May. Anyone else from the US in this situation?

Border entry rules changed again and they are even stricter now. My friend just crossed yesterday to go to look at schools with her son. She is in quarantine for 2 weeks and had to test before she crossed, they tested again at the border and are required to make an appointment to have someone watch them perform another test again at 10 days.
She was told there will be no exceptions until border reopens.
Unfortunately, hoping some border agent will give you a pass is highly unlikely to happen. You can call and discuss with a Canadian border control agent to understand your options.
We are making plans to quarantine for 2 weeks and hope we do not have to.

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McGill campus is pretty and Montreal is a phenomenal, international city. It is cold as hell in the winter but an investment in a good winter coat is all he would need.
The drinking age is 18 in Quebec so there is a very young, energetic vibe to all the restaurants, bars, clubs and bistros in the city. There is definitely a great scene in Montreal.

Whenever I am in Montreal I feel as if i am in city in Europe. Old Montreal is beautiful.

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@MackClan5 I know the city and the campus well as I grew up in Montreal and attended McGill myself. My son on the other hand was born in the US and has never really visited the campus. Understandably, he’d like to spend some time there before committing.

Same boat, I just don’t think going to school outside of the US is in the cards for my daughter. She wants to commit somewhere soon and get on with the next chapter.

Yes! Further review required and no clear sense of when she will know. Very hopeful it would be before the US schools deadlines. Is it your daughters first choice?

You are lucky to have grown up in an amazing city like Montreal. My dad lived there for many years but I grew up in Toronto and just visited Montreal a lot.
I totally hear you about being able to see the schools in person. It is so hard for these kids to make a commitment without seeing the schools. The situation with the borders has been awful. I have spent many hours agonizing over how to get my daughter to Canada to check out some of her top choices but in the end it just was not feasible with the 2 week quarantine. My daughter’s choices range from east coast to west coast, so it would have been very complicated. McGill is the only school in Canada she got to visit.

Good luck to your son with his decision!

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Hopefully we all hear back soon! Yes, Desautels is her first choice. She was admitted to UoT’s Rotman but prefers McGill.

A question to US students - when self-reporting grades, did you get a notice that some courses were excluded from the list? For my daughter, a full-year 11th grade elective in the arts was excluded.
I’m wondering if more kids had the same experience? It’s a bit late to look into it but I’m curious. Couldn’t get a clear answer from servicepoint.

Yes, the wait is very difficult, especially when most kids decided already on their school.
Good luck!

My son is in the same boat. Applied Oct 10, “Ready for Review” for many weeks, now stuck on “Further Review Required.” He’s heard from all 12 other schools…but guess which one is his top choice?

Are they at least able to tell you why his status changed? My D’a changed once she submitted her predicted IB scores in March.

Yes. It was shortly after they asked him to upload his AP results in mid-March.

Ugh the waiting is so hard. I sure hope you hear soon. My daughter was the same way- McGill was her top choice and she had heard from all others. She finally heard back from them in March, but I was giving up. It’s such a different process. Fingers crossed for you and your son.

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My son is an international student with Desautels offer. Looking at the Canada covid vaccination situation, I am not sure if classes will start in Sep. If classes are online for the first term, do we still need to pay full fees and accommodation/meal plan if he is not in Montreal?

My status just updated. I was rejected for arts&science, and it says “reviewed, decision pending” for arts. My grades and GPA are much above the cutoff for both of these faculties, but I went test-optional because I wasn’t able to take the two subject tests. When should I get a final decision for arts? This is so stressful…

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Do you mind me asking your grades?

Has anyone been accepted off the waitlist after they accepted a previous offer? My daughter filled out a form from service point accepting her offer from desaultes which she was originally waitlisted. She previously had accepted arts/ science. I’m wondering how long it takes to change in your Minerva as she has been waiting over a week for it to change from the old program.