McGill vs. Edinburgh

<p>Ok I got into McGill for arts&science and Edinburgh for biology, and I thought I liked Montreal A LOT but I visited Edinburgh and it was amazing, so now I'm torn between the two. What I'm worried about is their reputations academically... Like Edinburgh was a major league safety school, they seem to accept anyone who applies from my school, whereas McGill hasn't really accepted anyone for a while (all five who applied last year were rejected). </p>

<p>I have the impression that Edinburgh is probably the better school for biology, but it's just hard to understand that given the admissions standards (600+ on each section of the SATI+II). Either way I'm lost and I really don't know how either school is percieved outside of the boarding school world - like seriously I'm getting no help because it's kind of expected that you go to the best school that you get into (woops). Any ideas?</p>

<p>sorry, i cant really help you too much because i know next to nothing about edinburgh...but this is what i would suggest.</p>

<p>academically, i would probably say mcgill if edinburgh really is the "major league safety school" you describe. i think the fact that you have been accepted to arts AND sciences is huge, since such a miniscle number of applicants are accepted each year. i cant say which one is better because i have no idea about Edinburgh's biology program, but thats what i can infer.</p>

<p>ultimately, it comes down to where you feel the most comfortable and will be more readily able to succeed. while academic calibur and reputation are very important to consider when deciding...its really what atmosphere feels best for you, as cheesy as it sounds.</p>

<p>It's funny that you'd have this predicament, because a friend of mine had the exact same a year ago. How did he settle it? With a **** fight. Weirdly enough, the ***** never really fought, so he flipped a coin in the end. They're both fabulous universities. The pro's of mcgill include a taste of a different culture without crossing the pond, and the the pro's of Edinburgh include a completely international (not watered down) experience. If you want a college experience unlike anything you can get here, the most extreme end you can put yourself on, is on another continent (redundant, I know, but still). </p>

<p>I partially chose McGill off of the notion that I want something more than a diploma out of the box, I want something different (but I still wanted to be able to drive back home, not be limited just to flight). </p>

<p>It all depends where your interests lie. Both schools have fantastic reputations (at least in academia), and should you choose to immigrate to Europe, you'll have a respectable degree no matter which university you choose. </p>

<p>Basically, you can't go wrong with either, you need to sit and decide where you'd be most happy. Also, as I recall, Edinburgh shouldn't be a safety, it's a top UK school (or maybe I'm out of touch...). If we want to talk about safeties, I would've easily considered McGill a safety compared to the other places I applied. Just because a lot of kids get into it from your school doesn't make it easy to get into (last two sentences had nothing to do with each other).</p>

<p>As far as reputation is concerned, McGill University ranks with Harvard whereas the University of Edinburgh is thought of in the same light as is Cornell University. I am not writing that these schools are academic equals to Harvard & Cornell--as they are not in my opinion--but their reputations are somewhat equal. You have two outstanding choices, but the girls are rumoured to be prettier at McGill University and the French accent is more pleasing than the Scottish accent. Sorry, just noticed that the OP is female. My best guess is that both Canadian men & Scotsmen are ruggedly handsome, suave & debonair.</p>