Mcgill vs. Emory?

<p>Hi everyone, I am having a really hard time choosing between these two universities.
At Mcgill I plan on pursuing a Bcom degree, at Emory I will be pursuing economics.</p>

<p>I would love to hear experiences and suggestions, not only about the schools but also about life at montreal and atlanta in general</p>

<p>do you like hot hot hot weather or cold cold cold weather? that seems to be the most striking difference. both are excellent academic schools</p>

<p>Wow, I am in the exact same situation.</p>

<p>Expect for McGill its Engineering and Emory its Econ/Goizueta/or Engineering.</p>

<p>Shushinsko, where do you live? USA? Canada?</p>

<p>I have asked several people about which school to go to. And many people tell me to go to Emory (I asked a business professor at SFU and an friend who is an admission strategist who has degrees from Cornell and Columbia).</p>

<p>The reason for selecting Emory is because it provides a 'better' undergrad education. Whereas McGill is directed towards its grad school. </p>

<p>But, if cost is an issue, McGill would be the obvious choice.</p>

<p>My problem with Emory is that there is no Eng program (its joint with GTech).
And I will have to commute back and forth!!! Then I might end up transferring.</p>

<p>I am Canadian, and my mom is encouraging me to go to Emory because its in the US and I want to go to grad school there. But people keep telling me that McGill/Emory with provide me with equal "chance" - if you will - to get me into a top 10 US Grad school. I know this is true. But what I think I might regret is if I don't go to Emory, my chance at USA will start later (hopefully) or not start at all.</p>

<p>Another factor is prestige and recognition. McGill has good reputation in the USA. Emory has excellent rep in the USA. McGill has excellent rep international. Emory has TERRIBLE rep international. Most people outside the USA don't know what Emory is...they say memory? You need to take that into consideration, are you planning to work outside USA? </p>

<p>I heard Montreal is a better city than Atlanta. This is what I hear, I never been to the places. But like almost everyone says Montreal is great!</p>

<p>Also, a note on transferring. If you wish to transfer, I heard Emory is a great stepping stone to transfer into higher end schools. This year, I know someone from Emory that got into Columiba, UPenn, Cornell, and Swat. Many others in Emory got into great schools to. Emory's retention rate is 87% I think? Okay, now for McGill. It is easy to get into McGill and easier to transfer into McGill if you are Canadian. Emory's transfer rate last year was ~33%, this year should be lower. </p>

<p>Send PM or something, let me know what you do</p>