McGill's medical placement in American Schools (and social scene etc)

<p>I'm a Canadian citizen living in america looking into going to McGill for undergrad.
My SAT is about 2200, ACT 34, took 5 APs junior year, 5 APs senior year, got all 5s ( the junior year ones) on them except one 4, and 790 in SAT 2 US, 780 in Chem, 750 in Math 2. </p>

<p>Not too many extracurricular, but I did work at Roswell Park over the summer as lab volunteer. </p>

<p>Think I could make McGill? How well doe it prepare you for MCAT? I was also wonder how its well its placement rate is for American Medical Schools, because I'm planning to come back to go to Hopkins or Rochester or something, because I heard it was hard to get a job in America graduating from a Canadian school. </p>

<p>Also how is its social scene? What turned me off about U of Toronto was everyone's complains about its snoobish/unfriendly students, and the massive classes. How does McGill compare in that aspect? I like a diverse and friendly population of kids.</p>

<p>There are other McGill students/alumni who have posted on CC that they were admitted to top US medical schools. I have never seen any overall McGill med school placement rates though. </p>

<p>McGill is one of the most diverse universities in North America. It is 25% international (half American) and the Canadian students themselves come from many backgrounds. No one group dominates like Asians at Berkeley. The student population is also 20% francophone which adds another dimension to the diversity. I remember the dining halls being a virtual tower of babble with English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Polish etc. being spoken. </p>

<p>With 20,000 undergraduate you will meet all types from snobby to open and friendy. And yes, many freshman classes are huge but this is common at all large public universities, and some large private universities too.</p>

<p>Thanks for the response :)</p>