McIntire vs. Haas

<p>Hey you guys... wow it's been a while since I've been here. Anyways here's what's on my mind. I'm currently a sophomore at Northwestern in the MMSS program (and loving it). Basically what MMSS is is a two year program that combines high level mathematics with various economic, game theoretic, and political sciencey topics. Essentially, the program allows you to gain new perspectives on various subjects. The program is very quantitative and prepares you very well for any type of position in the finance industry, or in anything related to the social sciences. But since it is a two year program, after MMSS, I'll be spending the rest of my two years probably pursuing some economics classes and maybe some international studies classes. But the thing is, is that I have applied to Haas and McIntire, since these two schools offer two year undergraduate business degrees, which fits well with me.</p>

<p>Assuming that I have been accepted into both schools for transfer and I have officially decided on transferring, which of the two should I choose if I am interested in a more international perspective in business and also a very quantitative/financial aspect as well?
What does one school offer that the other does not? </p>

<p>Anything you guys can offer will be great. Thanks alot :)</p>