McNair Scholarship?!

<p>So has anybody from out of state heard?? Please post here. The suspense is killing me. Curious to see the stats on McNair; my numbers are considerably higher than those Carolina Scholarship winners who posted so far.</p>

<p>We have heard nothing on McNair's - my son has similar stats to the Carolina Scholars that have already posted.</p>

<p>Also, from what I read last night, there are 50 Carolina Scholars finalists selected, and 40 for McNair. After the interview weekend, they select 20 Carolina Scholar "winners" and 20 McNair.</p>

<p>Yeh, the interview process is the same as for UGA's Foundation Fellowship (although the FF is much more copmpetetive than McNAir; most winners have SATs near 1600). Anyway, guess we'll just have to wait for either Fed-Ex or the snail mail. Good luck.</p>

<p>Just so everyone knows, I left "steeler" a PM asking for confirmation on whether they are in state for which case their award is the Carolina Scholars or OOS in which case they are the first we would have heard getting the Mc Nair.
Im sure a response from him/her would help us all tremendously.</p>

<p>hmmm has anyone called usc to ask about it ?</p>

<p>I was going to wait till Monday to actually call them just to give snail mail a chance..but if you want to call today,let us know what kind of response you get!!!</p>

<p>I called. Didn't get much satisfaction. But I'm ready to give up hope, now. McNair's were sent out Wednesday FedEx. Admissions said that it is <em>possible</em> they have not arrived yet. (The tone of the call did not leave me optimistic.) Maybe someone else wants to give a call . . .</p>

<p>Ok. i just called them and they said all the mcnair people's results had already been sent overnight fedex. so basically if you havent received it by now, that means you're not selected i think.</p>

<p>I must say that I am quite surprised that of the 250 (approx) that are admitted to the Honor's College (all potential scholars), and with the resumes of ratedpilot and cathymee's son, that at least one of you has not been notified of McNair's. If 12% of the USC applicants are out of state, and 40 McNair's finalists were supposed to be notified for interview, at least one of you should have heard.
Also, Steeler is from SC, so we still do not have confirmation of McNair's for anyone out of state.</p>

<p>Yeh, there's probably a ton of people who applied with great stats. (They recruited out-of-state very heavily this year; I never even would have considered USC except they contacted me about McNair). I have good numbers, plus Eagle Scout, 7 years in tennis, heavily involved in theatre, etc. --but someone's app probably just had more jazz. What can you do? It's a relief in a way to me, since USC was not my first choice, but I was being tempted by the possibility of $$. I hope maybe some of you who want to get in USC will get other offers besides McNAir. Without McNair, USC is off my list.</p>

<p>ratedpilot, yea i felt the same way. i applied to usc in hope of getting mcnair</p>

<p>That is exactly my son's dilemma - he wants USC as his #1, and also was recruited for McNair's. He has, however, been selected as a finalist at Rollins College, a small liberal arts school (1700 students), where his sister also attends. He is tired of being in her shadow, but with the possibility of a full 4 yr ride, including tuition, books, housing, food, study abroad all paid for, it just seems to me it is too good to pass up if offered.</p>

<p>momofpaul--if USC is your son's 1st choice, don't give up hope yet. Just because he doesn't get McNair, doesn't mean he won't get a great package. If he wants to go to a big, oos school, he'll likely be unhappy at a small liberal arts school with sis. Free rides are great, but only if they take you where you want to go. I can be very philosophical, now that I'm not being tempted by McNair :)</p>

<p>Thanks for your words of wisdom. It is hard for me to see this from the perspective of a young man. My son wants to pave his own path - most of his friends are going to UF and his is not interested. He could go to any state school in FL. He wants to go out of state, so we will have to wait and see. He is waiting on a final scholarship offer from IU as well. I graduated from USC so he has already received a very small Alumni Scholarship (not the big one) which should pay for one semester of books!!</p>

<p>FYI, SC schools are very generous about waiving OOS tuition. I suspect USC is no exception. Clemson gave me a package worth 40K+, which was a combo of offering in-state tuition, plus a modest scholarship. (And that was without so much as a single essay). I bet Paul will get a great packsage from USC. (sorry for mentioning Clemson on the USC board :) )</p>

<p>so its 4:35 EST and no Fedex so I guess thats that on the highest ranked scholarships!
Got todays mail and nothing in there either.
S will still be eligible for whatever they give NMF's when that designation comes through (soon I hope!) and he did apply for the departmental scholarships on the forms they sent him last week.I stil think those were generated in the dept after the other committee looked over the big application and said no.
We're still planning a visit during the Washington Birthday break week but now we'll have to pay airfare ourselves,I guess!
MomofPaul..S has a decent resume/stats but not as stellar as the young men who reported theirs under the Carolina Scholars thread.Our HS doesnt rank but theres no way he would be in the top 10 anyway (super competitive HS here).His SAT was high but not in the 1500's(old scale) like theirs.His average comes out to about 98 on a 100 scale.All AP's (will have 7 at the end of this year) and Honor's.Community service/leadership is his forte .We thought he might be geographically desirable.
His choice of major doesnt hold the promise of future accolades/awards for a college like a science kids might.
I guess the competition was pretty stiff,and all congratulations go out to the winners.Seems like they will be in good company.</p>

<p>I suspect the competition was VERY stiff. When I called about our finaid question, the admissions folks told me that they had received 1200 scholarship/honors college applications...more than they have ever received in the past. They were clear and honors college acceptances can continue to come until March 1.</p>

<p>Look at it this way guys... you haven't been informed that you will not be given the scholarship. Keep up the hope because until you get that letter, you still have a shot. I also applied for the McNair, got into HC, but nothing yet on McNair. I'd be willing to bet that the buck is just being passed off and the letters have not been sent out yet. Out of all applicants here, SOMEONE had to get the scholarship. I'm just not ready to buy that they are done with the process yet.</p>

<p>According to admissions, all McNairs have been notified. Remeber, they have to fly all those folks into SC in two weeks. They can't give them a week's notice.</p>