Mcphs? Anyone know anything about the college?

<p>I'm currently a junior and I am super excited for college! I was enjoying the search untill I hit a road block. </p>

<p>I visited MCPHS(Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) and was so impressed with the facility and programs they offer. The placement seems incredible as well.</p>

<p>Does MCPHS have a good reputation? I have not heard much about this college which is making me a little nervous.</p>


<p>A good place to ask at the Student Doctor Network in the pre-pharmacy or high school forums. My son toyed with the idea of a 6 year pharmacy program and we got great information there. I have heard good things abotu the school but seem to recall some nasty comments as well. It is great that you are pursuing this. There are several great 0-6 pharmacy programs out there. Good luck.</p>

<p>MCPHS is good if you want a strictly preprofessional (specifically pre-health) college education.</p>

<p>I've read in blogs that students have no college life at MCPHS b/c of the demanding work. I take that comment with a grain of salt though because the scores to get in are fairly low. I'm guessing that the blog was written by a mediocre/slacker student?</p>

<p>anyone else want to comment on this?</p>

<p>Honestly, I am an undergrad student at MCPHS-Boston, and to tell you the truth, unless you are naturally intelligent, and/or willing to make big sacrifices and go through hard struggles, this college is not for you. I am not telling you this because I am not a hard working, unmotivated, or lazy student, who is angry at the school for receiving bad grades. It is more because I have experienced this school and have found out many things that would have made me not come here in the first place had I known before. The main thing that comes to mind here is that this school is ALL ABOUT YOUR MONEY. Which is why they have such a high acceptance rate. You can spend the same amount of money at any other school, for the same degree, and the quality of education, and your overall college experience will be a lot better. During the open houses and tours, this school does an amazing job of convincing you to come to this school. Although small, this school LOOKS beautiful. That all changes when you actually have to use their facilities. Since the acceptance rate is so large, the halls, public areas, and classrooms get very crowded. You WILL NOT experience the same type of FACULTY TO STUDENT RATIO as you would with OTHER SMALL schools. The school gives you designated tour times. These times are WHEN MOST STUDENTS ARE IN CLASS, so you assume that there are not that many students, this is most prevalent when trying to get assistance for your classes. If you plan on being tutored, you should sign up for one before the semester starts. Once the semester begins, there will already be a long list, and you will have to wait for a long time (sometimes till mid semester) until they get back to you. I have personally experienced this. This means two things, the school allows to many students into the school, and cannot accommodate everyone who needs help, and that this school is about QUANTITY NOT QUALITY. Your education, your future, is put into their hands when you decide to come here. Again if you are the type of person who likes to read, like to teach THEMSELVES material, such as chemistry and biology, then this school is for you. But if you feel that you are going to need assistance for anything, then CONSIDER ANOTHER SCHOOL. You should really read what everyone who rates this school says. Yes, they maybe from angry students, but do not forget they are students, and being a student here and living here really, sadly, I agree with most if not everything that everyone who gives the school a negative rating. I came to this school thinking that they're just mad because they failed, and that's not going to happen to me. You sacrifice your social life, and personal life for this school, IN BIG WAYS. Being in Boston does not mean anything when you are at this school. You are always studying for exams and writing papers that are ALWAYS BACK TO BACK. It is very rare to be able to have a night to just yourself and to relax and have "you" time, even on weekends. Again, if you can handle studying and writing papers every night, and weekend, you will do fine at this school. Me personally, have found it difficult to do well due to how fast paced and rushed I feel the courses are here. I feel overwhelmed due to the fact that there is a lot of information, and assignments to do, for every class, and due very often. It becomes difficult to actually retain and understand the information, and usually it is more memorization than actually understanding the concepts. Students usually tend to have low averages, especially for freshmen students. Another thing I feel that really shows that this school is all about your money is that THEY DO NOT OFFER CERTAIN CORE CLASSES during the summer, specifically speaking General chemistry. General Chemistry is a difficult class, and much more difficult to understand at this school. THEY DO NOT OFFER GENERAL CHEMISTRY DURING THE SUMMER HERE AT MCPHS-BOSTON(not sure if they do at other places). Having said this, if you fail chemistry 1 you cannot continue to 2, and if you pass 1 but fail 2, you cannot continue to your next year and do Organic Chemistry. This means you MUST take chemistry 1 and/or 2 at another college during the summer. This is most convenient due to the fact that you need to find one of the rare schools whose credits are transferable here, and that if you passed chem 1, but fail chem2, most schools require a prerequisite of chem 1 in order to take chem 2 at their school. The school does give you the offer of taking chemistry in the next year, BUT you are essentially putting yourself behind one or two years, losing more money, and wasting more of your time. PERSONALLY, I do not understand why a pharmacy school, based on chemistry, does not offer generally chemistry at their school during the summer. Chemistry is a difficult concept for many people, why not help struggling students to continue their education. To me this is an obvious sign of how they take advantage of your dedication to become a doctor or health care provider, and make you pay more money to their school. Now the rest of this post is going to be about the social life, and it is just going to be pretty much similar to every other post about the social life about this school. Bottom line, there is none. On many websites about the school, it does a great job of advertising their abundance of clubs and activities here. But going to this school, there is no social life for many students who work and study hard, and cannot participate in these clubs. This just means that a little over half of the clubs you see on those lists, you will never see them or hear about them when you are here. You will not see anyone famous, or go see a concert sponsored by the school, or anything of that sort. If anything you pay to do any of the extra stuff that you would normally get free at any other college. It may not seem like a big deal now, but a hard idea for people to realize here is that, this school, which you pay large amounts of money for, and a little more than many other schools, will not give you the same experience as everyone, friends and family members, gets at other schools. You will not have amazing stories of exploring, doing interesting things, and going out and partying. At this school, to do well you cannot do anything that everyone says they have done. It honestly makes me wonder, If i spend all this money, when my friends at other schools, who sometimes pay less but get more free stuff(shirts, free activities, free events, free concerts) where does all my money go? and like you said this school is not well known, and not much is known about the school, so those thousands and thousands of dollars, given to the school by the large number of accepted students, are obviously not going to any break through research or anything, so where is the money going to? Being here, I have never been more regretful, and depressed in my life. I never imagined College to be like this, even if its pharmacy school. If someone told me how this school is before I came here, I would honestly not have came here in the first place, and I'm sure everyone who I have spoken to about this, have agreed that they would be somewhere else, paying less, and getting a better education. This school is designed for taking your money and hanging you out to dry. Their facilities are small, and the quality of help and faculty are some what questionable. I mean after all, we spend thousands of dollars for this school to help us get an education, should they not try their best to HELP US when we are seeking it and need it the most? I have a friend who is trying to transfer out, and once he notified them of his intent, they essential did the required paper work, and did not help him with anything else. When he would ask questions they would respond with "we can no longer help you". The person at the head of the department told him to "just stop showing up to class" when he told him about dropping some of his classes since he is transferring. In a way, they took his money and turned his back on him. But he's lucky, he wont be here any longer. It is important to understand that ALL reviews of this school is worse than average, and that most of the reviews are essentially bad. If you look at other schools, people have positive things to say about them, but here it is difficult to say. If you are willing to make many sacrifices, to learn on your own, to help yourself, to have many long struggles, to spend give thousands of dollars to people who are all about MONEY, and if you think you can handle it, then this school is for you. If not, then please for your sake and sanity, DO NOT COME HERE AND CONSIDER SOMEPLACE ELSE, because if I knew about this school, and did a lot more investigation than going to the school and taking tours and orientation, then I would be a much more happier, sane, and healthier person, than i am now here at MCPHS. Having said this, I am considering transferring out of this school, along with many of my peers. Take a look at the drop-out and transfer rate at your colleges, and on college tours do not only rely on what your tour guide tells you, they are essentially working for the school after all. You should ask random students that you see on your tour and find out how they really feel about it. If i did that, they would have saved me from many of thousands of dollars lost. Again, you could be the type of person who is naturally smart, who likes to read and study, and who can teach themselves material, then you could be the very few who like it here and can make it. But the majority of us can all agree, given another chance to do it all over agian, we would not have came here, under any circumstances. I hope I shed some light on things. But dont consider this school if you have a choice, you can be a much happier better person in the present and future, by going to a different school, and NOT MCPHS.</p>

<p>WOW! that was very informative.</p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>I know this post is from almost 2 years ago, but just found out about it today. Wow is right! I’m so surprised to see such a review. My pharmacist went to St. John’s in Queens and talked my son out of going there because he knows MCP is a much better school/program, and wishes he went to MCPHS. They certainly are not all about money at all (I do know this for a fact, as I had a little bit of a problem before my family court case was heard). Most classes are small (almost 60% have less than 20 students) except if you have lecture in a hall…thankfully my son got lucky and had all his lecture in a regular class except for one. He does say it is very hard work in the PharmD program, but he studies more now than I’ve ever seen him study in HS, and yet still finds time for activities and played flag football in the fall. The only time he doesn’t socialize much is the week before finals because he’s involved in study groups. He also doesn’t pay to do any of the activities in school. The only ones he had to pay for was off campus events, such as the cruise out of the Boston Harbor and the Harvest Ball. You certainly don’t give up your social or personal life at this school. My son always has ME time, and relaxes some nights just watching TV, going to JP Licks for ice cream or going shoppng at the Prudential Center. He actually just got an email from his Bio Professor congratulating him on getting 100 on the last exam. He’s doing exceptionally well while still having a social life! This school is definitely quality for the a PharmD program, and if you do have choices, I’d say definitely go here. 69% said they would attend Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences if they could start over. If it wasn’t such a well-known school, there wouldn’t be students from other countries attending.</p>