Md phd help!!

<p>how important is it to shadow in order to get ready for an application for an MD PhD program?
and what do MD PhDs do exactly after they are done going to school, specific examples please...
thank you!</p>

<p>I think you should ask that question over at SDN's Physician Scientist forum, since this board is meant for combined BS/MD programs for high school seniors. An MD/PhD program is something you apply to during college. </p>

<p>Physician</a> Scientist [ MD, MD/PhD, MD/MS, DO/PhD, DDS/PhD ] | Student Doctor Network</p>

<p>From what I've read M.D.-Ph.D.'s are more focused on research throughout their undergraduate careers because programs are looking for interest in medical research. I'm not saying that you shouldn't shadow, but just from what I've read.</p>

<p>I've found this link to be helpful:
MD-PhD</a> Dual Degree Training - AAMC</p>

<p>Shadowing weighs little on paper, but absolutely vital for experience & exposure in various medical specialties. I shadowed many different physicians and I would say it is helping me a lot, even though it won't make me stand out as an applicant. Shadowing doctors after you've taken related advanced courses I bet would be very fun and MUCH more intuitive (too bad I'm in engineering), since you would be able to talk to them about a lot more stuff and more in depth - especially anatomy/physiology, the basics/general overlay.</p>