ME UG Options

<p>School: UW-Madison
GPA: 3.6
Graduation: May 2014
Research experience: 1 semester in the solar lab research economically feasible energy systems for space heating applications.
Plan on doing research in the engine research center next semester
Rec's: 3 recommendations from professors. One received his PHD from Stanford, one MIT, and the other UW Madison ( my school ). All are expected to be good rec's. </p>

<p>Job Experience: B/E Aerospace project engineering intern
Caterpillar engineering intern in hydraulics. </p>

<p>GRE: N/A since I have not taken the exam as of yet. I am a junior in In ME an plan to take the GRE at the beginning of summer '13.</p>

<p>I'm wondering what options I have. So far I have looked into applying at UW Madison, Stanford, University of Michigan, and University of Illinois Urbana. Are these Universities within my reach? Also, do Rec's from former grads help my case ? For example, will my Stanford rec greatly improve my chances? </p>

<p>All applications will be for MS in ME. Specifically, I will be applying to engine related research and the thermal sciences, both directly related to my research and internship experience.</p>

<p>I want to clarify that I am not asking for chances but merely want suggestions on the quality of institutions that are in the realm of practical acceptance. Additionally, I would like input on the impact, or lack thereof, of recommendations from those who graduated from the University from which I apply has on admissions.</p>

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<p>You should be looking for programs that have professors who are doing research related to your area of research interest.</p>