Meal plan advice

What meal plan did you choose? The choices are confusing.

@JerseyMom2022 There’s a really active Temple parents group on Facebook. Search for “Temple University Parents” It’s a great forum for questions like this. It’s a closed group, so you’ll need to request an invite.

That said, this is a difficult question to answer. Will your student be living in the dorms? Are they a breakfast eater? Are they a late night person? Are they a light or heavy eater? Will they come home a lot on weekends? My DD started on the Premium 10 but quickly found that she was running out of meal swipes each week, so after about 2 weeks we bumped her up to the Premium 15 and that worked better for her. She tended to get breakfast at Bagel Hut, but to eat lunch and dinner in the dining hall and three meals on the weekends sometimes.