Meal Plan

I’m wondering if those of you who have a meal plan like the food, and if it seems healthy?

Also, if any of you live off campus, do you think the price is worth it? I live off campus and so it is much more expensive.


I had a meal plan my freshman year, and was swiped in by others somewhat frequently my sophomore year.

The food isn’t good; it might taste good the first couple of times that you have it, but you will probably grow sick of it extremely quickly since it’s more or less pretty similar week to week. Holistically, it’s not healthy, but there are definitely plenty of healthy options-- like a salad bar, soups, vegetarian options, etc. I think they’re trying to change that a little bit though and make it a little more health friendly.

Now, to the good part, quantity. It’s all you can eat. I can’t stress how fantastic that is. If you’re someone who eats a lot, this is absolutely for you. I think swipes average $7-8 for someone who buys a meal plan and there’s nowhere in Berkeley that you can get THAT full for $7-8. I’d say if you’re someone that’s a light eater, probably not worth it.