Meal Plans and Financial Aid

<p>I've gotten generous financial aid awards from two great schools, but I'm wondering if financial aid covers the school's meal plan fees because those can be very expensive. Does it?</p>

<p>if the scholarship and grants you're are being offered is > tuition, then the answer to your question is yes.</p>

<p>Usually the schools COA includes an averaged amount for room and board. As financial aid is calculated using the COA it does usually include meal plans - though not neccessarily the one you will choose.</p>

<p>So the room and board fee includes the meal plan fee?</p>

<p>If it's listed as room and board fee it would cover meals. Board would mean meals. Be sure to look carefully. Some schools have a room and board fee listed as one, some separate them out. Also, look carefully as the board (meals) can be different amounts as previous poster said. Some might include 14 meals a week, some 21 meals a week. You could try some searches on room and board or meal plans in the college forum. You may get some insight into how many meals you might need.</p>

<p>As a for instance</p>

<p>My daughters school (a State U) the COA last year included a single figure for room and board of $7390. Her financial aid was based on the COA that included that figure. Her actual room was $5698 (went for a slightly nicer dorm) while her meal plan was $2200 (the minimum a freshman can take at her school) so the total $7898 - was a little over the estimate in the COA. </p>

<p>This coming year she is going off campus (if the apartment works out) and her actual 'room and board' that she pays (not directly to the school) will be cheaper. But the financial aid will still be based on the COA estimate (at her school it is the same for on or off campus - at other schools it may vary).</p>

<p>Alright, I get it now. I'm going to check the room and meal plan costs separately and see if it's close to the room and board fee to determine if my financial aid award covers it. Thank you so much guys!</p>