Meal Plans

<p>Yes, everyone, housing apps are now out! Ok now that that is out of the way…</p>

<p>[UC</a> Davis Student Housing: Dining Plans in the Residence Halls](<a href=“]UC”>Meal Plans | UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services)</p>

<p>From this link, I see only 4 meal plan options. However, there are actually 15 options from the drop-down bar in the housing application. That would be 11 extra options: one with unlimited (self explanatory) and the others with the additional phrase of “Aggie Cash 150/200”. </p>

<p>Just curious as to what all these extras mean :slight_smile: </p>

<p>(I plan on leaving campus for some weekends, so is it better to get the plan with 150 meals or the 120 meals? Thanks.)</p>

<p>[Here's info about Aggie Cash<a href="the%20page%20is%20outdated%20though,%20since%20it%20lists%20Aggie%20Cash%20100%20which%20is%20no%20longer%20available%20according%20to%20the%202011-2012%20Residence%20Hall%20Fee%20Schedule">/url</a>.</p>

<p>[url=<a href=""&gt;]FAQ&lt;/a> about Aggie Cash](<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)&lt;/p>

<p>thanks for the heads up! better get some sleep and do this tomorrow!</p>

<p>Each quarter has 79 days the DC is open... </p>

<p>180 meals is more than two meals a day, seven days a week. Most kids eat only lunch and dinner at the commons -- and breakfast in their dorm room or a piece of fruit.</p>

<p>150 meal plan is likely enough as it provide for 2 meals a day... and leaves 8 meals that you are likely to miss during a semester due to being away during a couple weekends visiting family or being off on a boon-doggle with your friends. </p>

<p>120 meals is enough for 2 meals a day, 5 days a week... with an additional 7 meals extra.</p>

<p>@sopranokitty ahh that helped. so it will function like a debit card then. now THAt I understand xD</p>

<p>@digitalrebel yes! it doesn't help that the server seems to be flooded. better get the housing thing done soon. you're doing this too?</p>

<p>@VentureMan thanks for the break-down! (the site said something about a planner, but since I haven't visited yet, that wasn't really an option.) I think I will go with the 150 plan then.</p>

<p>thanks for all the help! :)</p>

<p>when i read this post i instantly went and started but fell asleep and didnt experience the shutdown. my teacher is ucd alumni so ill ask her about housing and the mealplans! 120 does sound good</p>

<p>Trust me, 120 is more than enough. You'll get sick of DC food in the first quarter, and meal plans roll over to the next quarter. 90 would probably be your best bet, actually...150 is overkill.</p>

<p>taste is subjective, i never got tired of the DC, and i ate there twice a day. now that i'm a sophomore i WISH i had a place where i could go and have an all you can eat meal (relatively) cheaply, easily, and right outside where i live</p>

<p>oh, ok then. switched to the 120. what do you guys think of the coho or silo? this seems to be a pretty good opportunity to know the campus better xD</p>

<p>I would expect to be really short on money if I go to UCD but I also want to go out to eat, occasionally (if I get a job which I wonder is going to be easy or not in Davis). Which plan do you think would fit into this situation? That means which would be cheaper but doesn't make me so sick of a particular type of food.</p>


<p>You never got tired of variations of the same foods every day? I applaud your taste buds.</p>