Meal Plans

<p>Can someone explain the meal plans to me? Right now I'm at the default 14 meal plan. Does this mean I can have 14 meals a week? Am I limited to 2 per day, or can as many meals as I want up to 14?</p>

<p>What comes in a meal at say, Kimmel? A drink, chips, and an entree? What are dining dollars?</p>

<p>14week meal plan = 14 a can use all 14 within 15mins if you wanted to swiping people in. Kimmel and Palladium arent all u can eat, you get an entree, chips/side/salad/fruit. soda and that counts as 1 fry. 3rd north rubin hayden downstein are all u can eat.
dining dollars are basically cash that you can only use on food at kimmels market place for like bottled beverages, certain kids of chips, etc, at the dunkindonuts attached to 3rd north, and the starbucks on campus.</p>

<p>dunkin donuts is at uhall not 3rd north. theres a mini mart inside the 3rd north courtyard that you can buy stuff at too</p>

<p>Take a look at the website, it gives you pretty clear information regarding the meal plans.
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<p>I've gotten a bag of chips on several occasions. Sometimes the cashier just swipes my card, which I guess, makes it part of the meal plan. Sometimes the cashier says it'll be $1.99 or some other price, which I guess uses dining dollars. Why is this? Which chips are part of the meal and which aren't? They're not clearly labeled or anything...</p>

<p>chips that come with meals are $1 ... @ kimmel for example...if the chips are placed on counters waist down = free with meal....if its on racks like stacy's pita chips they are dining dollars.</p>

<p>Has to be LAYS to count as part of the meal plan.</p>

<p>Sternie and Woopt: That's strange. Today I grabbed a bag of Lay's barbecue chips from a counter below waist and it wasn't part of the meal. Before, I grabbed a bag of Dorito's below waist and it wasn't counted.</p>

<p>I guess it depends on the cashier...</p>