Meal Plans

<p>Are meal plans included in room and board? Or do I buy them seperately? And how much does that cost?</p>

<p>They are a part of your overall bill. You will have the opportunity to choose between several options. One of the nice things about UCD is the all you can eat swipe.</p>

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<p>It is included with room and board, but you are allowed to specify how many swipes you want to purchase, with a minimum of 90 swipes. No one is sure how much one swipe is exactly worth, but it is rumored to measure to about 7 to 8 bucks a swipe. What housing does is make you pay a fixed price in your room and board so that when you upgrade your swipes by intervals of 30 (90->120, 120->150, etc), it costs only $66 to do so. </p>

<p>In my opinion, I would go for one of the moderate amount (I chose 120) of swipes for the first quarter, and then adjust your swipes accordingly because whatever you don't use rolls over to the next quarter. Keep in mind that you can only downgrade to a minimum of 90, so don't get crazy because if you have leftover swipes at the end of the year, they are converted to $2 a swipe, which is totally not worth it.</p>

<p>Uhh swipes?</p>

<p>Your student ID card is "swiped" like a credit card when you enter the dining commons. One "swipe" will get you an all-you-can-eat buffet style meal.</p>

<p>Basically one swipe = one meal</p>

<p>Your ID card will be swiped to pay for your laundry, food, bookstore etc. It will also be used for your key.</p>

<p>Your ID card isn't used for laundry (at least not in my dorm). You get a separate laundry card for that.</p>

<p>It was for my d's dorm last year (Cuarto).</p>

<p>I highly suggest getting the highest amount of aggie cash possible. With it you can purchase random crap from the silo or from the convenience stores in each housing area. It is very convenient when you get tired of DC food.</p>

<p>So are the plans in months or quarters or terms or what? When I choose a plan am I trying to plan for the next year? What?</p>

<p>it's per quarter, and to be honest, take whatever you think you'll eat and take the next lowest one. I had over 60 meal swipes left over last quarter that rolled over. You really will not eat 3 meals a day at the DC everyday. I agree with mr18359, the aggie cash is useful.</p>

<p>Plans are per quarter, so they will automatically replenish your amount when each quarter begins. </p>

<p>I third that on the Aggie Cash. It's not called Aggie Cash, but Gold Plus. You have the option to add it on to your meal plan. It can be used at the Silo (Carl's Jr, Taco Bell, Brennans/Starbucks coffee, Pizza Hut, Sandwiches, Crepes, and other To-Go foods). It gives you a 10% discount on the food which is really nice. </p>

<p>Laundry gets their own refillable card because the machines don't read off magnetic strips on your ID/credit card/etc.</p>

<p>How many days in a quarter? lol</p>

<p>Speaking of UCD food, can anyone tell me how the food is? Especially the dining halls.</p>

<p>UCD food is regarded as some of the best in the UC schools, but that won't keep you from getting sick of it.</p>

<p>in theory, too much of any food will result in distaste of it eventually, which is why I will probably end up bringing a lot of cooking utinsle myself :D</p>

<p>I've eaten at the dining halls of at least five universities and I still hold that Davis has the best. Like someone said earlier, though, it's still DC food when it comes down to it. I'm finishing my second quarter here and I haven't started hating it yet, but I am getting a little tired of it.</p>

<p>I agree, food is good, and even though the menu changes everyday, you're still gonna wanna go out into downtown Davis on the weekends for a change of pace and some food from outside the DC.</p>