MealPlan and Dining Dollars

<p>Can someone please explain to me what Dining Dollars are? I have the "Best Food Fit" Meal plan which says I can go to a dining hall a maximum of 250 times each semester, but I don't really understand what Dining Dollars are, my Penn ID says I have 0$ Dining Dollars atm and that my SFS credit balance is $1000 (btw could someone please explain what this is also lol)</p>

<p>Go to My Dining under Campus Express</p>

<p>Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How can I confirm my online dining plan selection?
I’m a first-year student and I was auto-assigned my meal plan. How can I change it?
How does my dining plan work?
How do I use my visits and Dining Dollar$?
What are Dining Dollar$ and where can I use them?
Can I have a dining plan that is only Dining Dollar$?
Can I get a refund for visits I don’t use?
What if I want to make an adjustment to my dining plan?
What happens to my visits and Dining Dollar$ if I change during the mid-year switch period?
What if I want to cancel my dining plan?
How can I find out how many visits or Dining Dollar$ I have left, and what can I do if I run out?
What if I want to eat in the dining halls and I don’t have a dining plan?
Can I use my dining plan visits for other people?
Can I take food out of the dining hall?
What if I keep kosher?
What if I have special dietary or nutritional needs?
What if I have food allergies or special dietary needs?</p>

<p>Q: How can I confirm my online dining plan selection?
A: You will receive a email confirming your plan choices after you sign up online. You can also view your dining plan under the My Dining tab. If you do not receive the email or do not see your purchase in Campus Express, please contact the Penn Dining Office at <a href=“”></a> or 215-898-7585 for confirmation. First-year students may also confirm their dining plans at the Campus Express Center in Houston Hall during New Student Orientation when they pick up their PennCards.
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<p>Q: I’m a first-year student and I was auto-assigned my meal plan. How can I change it?
A: We automatically assign first-year students to the Best Food Fit meal plan, which is the most popular plan, with 125 dining hall visits and 400 Dining Dollar$ each semester. You will be able to change your plan to one of the other two first-year meal plans (Eat Any Time or Balanced Eating Naturally) when you come to campus. You can make one meal plan change each semester so we suggest you wait for a week or so after classes begin to make the fall term change. You can also make another change in the beginning of the spring term. Change dates are September 7 through September 30 for the fall 2011 term.
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<p>Q: How does my dining plan work?
A: All dining plans provide a specific quantity of visits to the all-you-care-to-eat dining halls for the semester. These can be used at any time. All plans also include Dining Dollar$ for use at any of our Penn Dining locations. Students have the option to add visits or Dining Dollar$ to their plan at any time throughout the academic year on Campus Express. Please note: visits and Dining Dollar$ are split by semester, so you will receive one-half of the allotted amount of visits and Dining Dollar$ in the fall and the other half in the spring. Any remaining visits at the end of the fall semester will not be added to the visits you receive for the spring. Dining Dollar$ will roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester but not from one academic year to another.
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<p>Q: How do I use my visits and Dining Dollar$?
A: You use your University ID (PennCard) to access your dining plan. When you present this card to the cashier at a Penn Dining location, your visits or Dining Dollar$ will be deducted from your account. Dining plans conclude at the end of the semester. Meals are NOT offered during the following periods:</p>

<pre><code>Thanksgiving Break
Winter Break
Spring Break

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<p>Q: What are Dining Dollar$ and where can I use them?
A: Dining Dollar$ are a part of your meal plans and are funds on your PennCard used to purchase items at any Penn Dining location. With each purchase made, the amount is deducted electronically from your Dining Dollar$ account balance. Undergraduates with dining plans and graduate students may add Dining Dollar$ to their PennCard at any time on Campus Express. You can use them to purchase a-la-carte items at our retail locations, including:</p>

<pre><code>Houston Market - Houston Hall
Starbucks at 1920 Commons - 38th and Locust Walk
Uncommon Market -1920 Commons at 38th and Locust Walk
1920 Commons Retail also includes Subway, Burger Stop, Yo-Reka Yogurt - 38th & Locust Walk
Mark’s Caf