<p>I was wondering what it means by "block." Is it just the number of meals? or it really depends on the amount of food you get regardless of the number of meals? And the difference between dining points, blue bucks, and it that if you're out of dining points/blue bucks, you can put money into your account and continue using them (are dining points and blue bucks basically the same...cuz you can use blue bucks wherever dining points are accepted?) but if you're out of meals, then you've to pay a hell a lot of money for even one meal...? some say the unlimited plan is a total waste...and it seems like 150 is enough for most people...I eat a lot (as a girl). Should I choose 120? Do people eat in the cafeteria most of the time or they eat out once they're on weekends? (i.e. do people pick 150 because they dont eat in cafeteria quite often?)</p>

<p>Block is the # of meals. If you get the 125 block, you can eat at a dining hall 125 separate times. It doesn't matter how much food you get.</p>

<p>Dining dollars you can use at dining halls and at a couple stores, I think just the Blue Apple in Bursley and the store in Mojo. Blue Bucks you can use in vending machines, U-Gos, and at places like the Blue Apple and even at football games. You can put more money into your Blue Bucks when you run out, but I'm not sure about Dining Dollars.</p>

<p>Unlimited is a waste in my opinion. I had 150 first semester and I only used about 60 of those meals, so second semester I switched to 125. You have to think about where you're living in proximity to a dining hall. I lived in Baits, and half the time I didn't want to walk to the dining hall so I kept food in my room. This year I'm in South Quad, which has a dining hall downstairs, so I think I'll eat more this semester.</p>

<p>It depends on the person. Most people do eat a lot in the dining halls, but those people are usually the ones living in the dorms too. Most the people I know who live in houses or apartments don't eat in the dining halls.</p>

<p>150 would probably be good for you, unless you're going to eat breakfast every day or plan to eat out or keep a ton of food in your room.</p>

<p>Thankyou so much pseudovirus! ...unfortunately I didn't see your post before I made my choice (200 block meal plan). I don't eat breakfast and I got Bursley. Do you think the dining dollars in 200 block (75..i guess) is enough? </p>

<p>I have two more questions...</p>

<p>is there a TV in every dorm room? (is it necessary to have one?)</p>

<p>how do you know about what classes you should take before you pick your classes during orientation ? (I did find on Wolverine my academic requirements...but it's very vague and it barely mentions the number of credits needed)</p>