measuring bacteria growth--please help me!

<p>Serratia marcescens colonies are TONS of red little pigments after cultivated on a petri plate. Then how am I to "measure" its growth? It doesn't seem like I can count the bacterial colonies? Or could I? Any informationwill be highly appreciated! Thanks!</p>

<p>try the quantative plating method (standard plate count)... good luck : )</p>

<p>My advice... take a sharpie and draw a grid on the back of the petri dish. This will make it easier to narrow your field of vision. Then take a counter and get to work. Good luck.</p>

<p>i've also heard that u can randomly select a number of grid squares and count those, then take their average & multiply by the total number of squares u have. do u have a mentor u can ask?</p>