Mech Eng/Computer Science? How's are these Majors?

<p>I was thinking of taking a Mechanical Engineering Major or Computer Science major at UCF. Anyone currently going shed some light on this? I take AP Computer Science and AP Physics, but how hard are these majors here? I have a lot of prior knowledge of say, Java, but no CAD experience. I'm decently smart and pick things up fast, but I just want to make sure when I get to college it won't be too hard for me.</p>

<p>What'd you score on AP comp sci?</p>

<p>I'm in it right now, but we are done with the material (just doing Grid World right now) and reviewing. I got a 4 on a practice test and I'd be surprised if I got less on the real thing.</p>

<p>True. If you can get a 4 on AP Comp sci, you're good at math, and you won't procrastinate then you should be able to handle a comp sci degree.</p>