Mechanical Engineering and Cinematic Arts

Hi everyone. I am a current Mechanical Engineering Major at USC and I am want to minor in Cinematic arts starting my Sophomore year. (Fall 2021)

At first glance it may not seem that the combination fits well, but I really want to do both. What I am wondering though is whether I could follow a professional path using both of my degrees.

I feel kind of blinded by my will to do both, so I am seeking help from the CC community. Please help me find a profession that needs both.

My D has a friend who was a mech e with a theater minor and she works in set design/building for productions. Her internships were at Disney. It’s been tough to find work currently though with the covid shutdowns but hopefully that will be short lived.

Major production companies would fit well. Google somethings but building sets for movies etc would require your help. It’s a niche field but cool one. Contact some studios to get more information.

Your career path would be narrower, but places like Laika that do stop motion animation in Portland or Tait Towers in Pennsylvania that make crazy cool music touring stages would both be good examples of jobs that could blend the two. I’d consider a mechatronics concentration if it’s an option. Good luck!