Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Confusion

<p>I see a lot of schools call this one department, instead of clearly saying the majors they offer, i.e. mechE and MSE. Yale and Duke are two such schools. I feel like these two schools don't really have a "true" MSE major and choose to avoid clearly showing so by calling their departments this when really only a few courses in materials science are offered. What does it really mean - a Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science department?</p>

<p>Yale has engineering? I have never heard of any engineering work coming out of Yale so I would imagine your cop out theory isn't far off.</p>

<p>Some schools don't have it because it is so interdisciplinary that they just let the individual departments handle their own forms of materials research.</p>

<p>I think some places to it just to cash in on the field's popularity though.</p>

<p>just because something doesn't have their own department within a faculty doesn't mean it isn't its own major.</p>

<p>my engineering faculty has the following departments</p>

<p>mechanical engineering
electrical and computer engineering
chemical and materials engineering
civil and environmental engineering</p>

<p>I think that mining and petroleum engineering are run by the civil/environmental department. Each field of engineering (civil, electrical, computer, materials, etc.) has their own degree.</p>

<p>materials, mining, computer, etc. engineering don't have their own departments because they are so small. Instead they are regulated in conjunction with other, larger disciplines.</p>

<p>okay but Duke has a major called "Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (MEMS)" but no major for just one of the two. you can see that here: Duke</a> University Admissions: Majors & Minors</p>

<p>anyway, what the hell is that major supposed to mean? is it materials science or mechanical engineering? a double major? wtef</p>


<p>From the departments website:
'Duke's Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science departments offers an accredited B.S.E. degree with a major in mechanical engineering'</p>

<p>so there is no MSE degree</p>

<p>You may not want to go to school at Iowa State, but we have the two as different majors. Check out the websites for more information regarding the differences.</p>

<p>Department of Mechanical Engineering - Department</a> of Mechanical Engineering</p>

<p>Department of Materials Science and Engineering - Materials</a> Science and Engineering</p>