Mechanical engineering freshman honors

<p>Working out a class schedule, not worried about times and professors right now, just to add up credits.</p>

<p>Thanks to m2ck’s response to another post and looking at the mech eng sample curriculum, come up with this schedule.</p>

<p>ENGR 111: Engineering the Future 1 credit
ME 121: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 1 credit
ENGR 131: Engineering Concepts and Design I 1 credit
ENGR 151: Fundamental Engineering Graphics 1 credit
CH 101: Introductory Chemistry 4 credits
MA 125: Calculus I 4 credits</p>

<p>Then for his honors courses:</p>

<p>CBH 101: Computer Based Honors I 4 credits
UH 103: Alabama Action 1 credit</p>

<p>This totals 17 credits, so I guess we’ll pay 1 credit OOS, which is fine. Son has NMF scholarship, so happy to pony up the extra dough.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, no time for fun classes. Many of these classes have lab time.</p>

<p>Any thoughts, corrections, advice on this?</p>

<p>Son has a 3 on Eng Language, so he won’t have to take Eng Comp I. No AP credit for chemistry or calculus. So this schedule already takes AP credit into account.</p>

<p>I’ll worry about schedules for the classes later. But we are committed to CBH and Alabama Action, so have to register for those classes for sure.</p>

<p>Does he have to take the Graphics class or Intro to ME first semester?</p>

<p>Could he take Cal I or General Chem over the summer at a local CC ? Then he'd have room for a 3 credit fun class and not have to pay OOS.</p>

<p>My younger son faced this kind of thing this fun classes. </p>

<p>FYI...the lab time for Calculus classes often doesn't get used. Sometimes that time is only used for occasional tests or not at all.</p>

<p>No, we are not doing classes this summer. I would assume to keep on track for his curriculum, he'd have to take the aforementioned courses during first semester, as they are probably prereqs for other courses and may not even be offered in the spring.</p>

<p>Really, paying the OOS is not a problem. It would be nice if they'd move the one credit from Alabama Action to the spring, as has been discussed before on the forum, but not going to gripe about it. It's not a deal breaker.</p>

<p>So, m2ck, your freshman son is what major? He did not get to do any fun classes this year. How about next year, is he going to get to take something fun?</p>

<p>No problem for the Calculus lab. It will be much needed and appreciated.</p>


<p>My son is Chemical Engineering. He came in with about 50 AP/dual credits, so he has room in his schedule for some fun this year. Since he skipped Cal I, both English Comps, and both General Chem classes, he was able to complete some 2nd year math req'ts, Organic Chem, and physics this year, which will make next year a bit easier. </p>

<p>The reason I suggested taking a class this summer is because your son is in CBH. It can be hard to squeeze in 20 credits of CBH courses (and certainly any fun courses) if you stay on track with the suggested engineering curriculum and not try to get some classes out of the way either thru AP or a summer class. CBH usually specifically chooses kids who will come in with significant AP/dual credits simply because it makes fitting in the CBH classes much easier.</p>

<p>Look ahead at the 8 semesters and figure out where you're going to fit in the 20 credits of CBH classes. If doing so is going to mean no fun classes, then that's what he's facing unless he takes a summer class or something.</p>

<p>Besides first semester Freshman Comp, what other req'ts will your son have completed thru AP?</p>