Mechanical Engineering learning team or Honors College?

The mechanical engineering leaning team (MELT) program requires the student to take a 1 credit hour course, where a set number of students (20) that all have the same class section (calculus, chemistry, physics, etc), meet twice a week to study and do social activities.

The honors program benefit is that you get housing with other honors students, early registration, and the possibility of research as a freshman. I would think the honors housing would insulate the student from some of the partying that happens at college.

Typically, a student would be a part of the mechanical engineering leaning team or the honors program, but not both.

Any thoughts or experiences what is a better fit for a mechanical engineering student?

@howdo5, Your question is interesting. I am not familiar with (MELT). My son (an OOS and an ME major) applied for and was accepted to the University Honors College. His main reason for applying to the HC was for priority registration and the research opportunities. After reading your post, I looked up the MELT program. It sounds as if they would benefit from being a part of both. My son will not be living on campus (his way of avoiding the party scene) so the socialization of the MELT program (being specific to engineering students) would be a plus.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention…we are in information overload! I can’t keep all the the details from the various schools together.