Mechanical Engineering -UDel

I haven’t been able to find out much about Mechanical Engineering at UDel - most discussion has been about chemical or bio-engineering. Can anyone share their thoughts about the ME program? Son is applying now and trying to compare UIUC, Penn, WI, UCSD and Lehigh (plus a few others). $$ is important and S25 is applying to the Honors College so hopefully, there will be significant merit aid at UDel - we don’t expect much financial support at the others.

@momkentrow I can’t speak to the ME program but my daughter is a freshman in computer science in the school of engineering and loves UD! Everyone in the school of engineering takes a class together first semester freshman year. It was not her first choice but she received a nice merit scholarship upon acceptance and was later chosen as a Distinguished Scholar and received an even better scholarship. Some Discho’s receive full rides but my daughter did not but it was still a fantastic scholarship. You can’t apply for it - you are selected for it. She LOVES the honors program. While their campus isn’t open this fall, they selected 1200 students to live on campus and she was selected and her floor is all honors and they have really bonded. Through her honors colloquium class this fall she has identified a couple of areas of interest to start narrowing down what she might want to do within computer science and has also declared a minor. She decided graduating debt free (we can pick up what her scholarship doesn’t cover and were not financial aid eligible) was a priority for undergraduate school versus a big name. I don’t think she could imagine being anywhere else now she loves it that much.


Topcat123 - Thanks so much for such a thoughtful response!

What was her gpa n Sat score? My daughter has 4.27 w goa n 1510 sat score. I am wondering weather she is eligible for distinguished scholar award or not? Please reply

She had a 4.25 out of 4.3 gpa and 1540 SAT and first in her class. Distinguished scholars are chosen for more then just good grades. While GPA and test scores are important, from what I’ve heard, there is more to it then just grades. Perhaps something in the essay or an interesting accomplishment or activity. You can’t apply for it, you are selected in late January or early February with the competition taking place in March.

Thanks for the reply. How much scholarship she received?